The Paiges
See also Johnny Martin and The Paiges

Line-up included  
Mike Lydiat rhythm (1960-64)
Fred Power bass
Bob Scales lead
Dave Prentice vocals
Johnny Martin vocals
John Hutchinson drums
Terry Shaw lead
Pete Buckley rhythm


I remember Bob Scales from the time he was lead and I was rhythm guitar with the Paiges (1962??).  He had a Gibson Les Paul and was excellent.  I still remember his "Sheikingtons" as he called it - The Sheik of Araby.


Played with the Paiges with Johnny Martin and with Dave Prentice as the lead singers, Johnny left with Bernard Dunne to join Brian Mathews. I stayed on to keep the Paiges going with John Hutchinson on drums Terry Shaw on lead my self on bass and Mike Lydiat on rhythm and Dave Prentice as front man Mike left to go to uni thats when Pete Buckley joined.

Fred Power




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