Passion Waggon

Line-up included  
Anton Mannion vocals
Pete Duncan lead
Malcolm Randles keyboards
Adam Woods drums
Brian Whysker bass

We used to play Altrincham Ice Rink, it was a block booking of 4 sundays in a month for £40.00 so it was regular work after giging up north on the Friday and Saturday nights, and yes it was cold and we did wear coats but fortunately we only had to do 2 x 30min slots or 3 x 20min which we invariably cut short so we would not get frost bite.

Info courtesy Malcolm Randles

We played at alot of venues in Manchester but mainly all over the country. Up and down Shap every weekend - nightmare travelling, not much motorway then.

Met most Manchester bands at Forton services.

I'ive settled down now but still have guitar and keyboards. Hope to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Bryan Whysker

Peter Duncan, Adam Woods and  possibly Anton (Yony?) Mannion went to Xaverian College (as I did) and that's why they were probably based in Rusholme. Very nicely decorated van as I remember !!!

George Borowski

Peter Duncan, RIP, lived in Didsbury.
Anton Mannion lived in Withington.
Adam Woods in Withington
Brian Whysker  in Withington.
Malcom Randles in Rusholme.

Peter got killed in a motor bike accident. I have no idea how Adam and Anton are getting on but me and Malc Randles are doing fine.

I live in Wythenshawe now and Malc in Levenshulme.

Guitar and keyboards now my main passion, pardon the pun.

Best regards to all musicians out there and listerners

Brian Whysker

Don't know if you guys remember me, I was the roadie for the last year. Me thinks you still owe me a quid for the final night at Wigan Casino. I ended up in the military until 1981.

I now live in Australia, but try and get back to UK once a year.

Any news from Adam or Anton? I do tend to run into Pete's brother, Mike occassionally. Great days even though I was only 15, but god you taught me to drink!

Andy McQuade

I was Pete's girlfriend for a while. I met the group at the ice rink. I was a member of the speed skating team. I travelled with them in the van to various gigs. I have some black + white photos taken at the ice rink. It was Brian that came to my house in Stretford to tell me that Pete had been killed on his motor bike. Pete worked for BT (GPO at the time) and so did I. Adam had the nickname 'bollocky'. I'm so pleased that I have found this info on the internet. Those were good times and it's nice to remember the guys. I will never forget their version of Hotel California. Pete was excellent on lead guitar. Thank you for providing this info. Great memories! xxx   

Jill La peche (nee Stevens)








Pete and Anton



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Comments (24)

Topic: Passion Waggon
Graham Arthurs says...
Hi Brian you do not mention your later life. Barry , Geoff, me and you our guru its was fun Wales was always a laugh . Last time made it back to UK you looked healthy not like you . Stone Ground was cool and young Robbie , Slim and Big Al ah those ... Read More
4th March 2015 11:16pm
brianwhysker says...
wheres the old skully lurkin then/
15th April 2015 4:19pm
graham says...
GrinGrinGrinGrin hi you okay and family might be coming back if I do you still same place ?
8th October 2015 7:18pm
Maureen Fairclough says...
I knew most of the group from St Cuthbert's youth club and saw them perform many times , they were great. Happy days . Xxxx
12th July 2015 11:31pm
Mary Breakell says...
I remember you Maureen - I was Mary Clapp then. I remember the group also from St Cuthbert's Youth Club, they were as you say really good- a lifetime ago!
17th August 2015 6:04am
Sue Lake says...
Are you Mary Clapp who lived at 53 Westgate Hale?
1st October 2016 8:21am
Mary Breakell says...
Yes Sue, that is me, what a memory you have. I was your sister Gill's 'best friend' at school and I remember you, your brother Richard and sister Jennifer and many happy visits to your house. I left Westgate in 1962 moving to Withington. ... Read More
1st October 2016 10:53pm
Ronnie Aston says...
Hey Maureen, is that you, this is Ronnie Aston. I was based over in Asia for over 20 years but I'm back in London / France now. Is everything good your end, was there some very sad news about Martin. It would be lovely to catch up.
24th October 2015 10:00am
graham says...
hi.brian i am in China give me your phone give youba call.etc.friend just brought me a strat back.from the USA nice guy take care my skyp is scully9726
12th August 2015 4:22am
Anton Mannion says...
Just stumbled across this website! Good to hear yersels,Malc,Bryan an Andy are OK.Jill,thanks for pics,I haven't seen a couple of em before,wouldn't mind a copy,as can't remember the sixties that well!Mary an Maureen,thanks for the kind ... Read More
9th October 2015 3:46am
Malcolm Randles says...
Anton, the missing link, so great to hear from you, I remember your father's Bechstein very well in your front room on practice nights, all really good times and memories, I'm still playing a keyboard having progressed to a Korg so if you ... Read More
10th October 2015 6:24am
Anton Mannion says...
Great to hear from you an it would be great to meet up.Anton.
10th October 2015 6:34pm
brianwhysker says...
hi anton, it would be grate to have a meet again with you and malc, you must let us no how to get in touch to arrange it. do you remember nigel. he vanished. we allways said to him have you got everything, for a laugh wanger.
28th October 2015 4:27pm
brianwhysker says...
nice to hear from you anton get in touch and arrange meet.
28th October 2015 4:31pm
frank says...
Are you the Brian whysker from withington ( radio brian) Sandra Davis etc ?.
20th November 2016 8:22am
17th December 2016 5:44pm
Terence Howell (LLANELLI. SOUTH WALES) says...
Hi Brian, how are you doing, are you still into Radio, I remember selling you a Standard Handheld at the Manchester & District Ham Radio Club, now been relocated, regards Terry.
30th November 2017 11:27pm
how come you do not reconize me. lol.
17th December 2016 5:45pm
Terence Howell (LLANELLI) says...
Hi Brian I remember you visited Manchester & District Amateur Radio Club when it was on Droylsden Rd,Newton Heath Manchester you bought a Handheld 2 Mtr Transceiver off me, you came with John Gilligan a club member.
6th August 2017 9:05am
Kevin Davies says...
Just tripped over the site when I put Passion Waggon into Google. I’m Kevin Davies and was original bassist when the band started of with me, Anton, Pete and Adam. Brian took over from me when I went to Uni in 1969. A few names on there I remember ... Read More
24th November 2017 8:13am
anton (Manchester) says...
jeez!! How ya doing Kevin ? You were one of the very first members of the group I dreamed of. An it worked great.i do hope
you an yours are good an happy.giv me a reply, I am still gigging. See ya mate.Anton
29th January 2018 2:44pm
anton (Manchester) says...
yous all gonna understand that I am truthful in this comment as I am completely ***** out of my head. I make no apology for the way, we sang our lyrics.we played our music, an lived our dreams. If ya missed the 60's ya cannot understand ... Read More
29th January 2018 3:48pm
Kevin Davies (Staffordshire) says...
Good to hear from you Anton. My music career reached it’s zenith with Passion Waggon. Done nothing since other than in th bath but still got my old bass which has moved from garage to garage with me. On holiday for a few weeks but still pop over ... Read More
12th February 2018 7:02pm
anton (Manchester) says...
I visit Peter's spot in Southern now an then, an this year left a wreath from the group. Its a ***** innit. Still we did it, we heard the chimes at midnight an all that. Anton.
29th January 2018 2:56pm

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