The Pathfinders
Kirk Price and The Pathfinders

In memory of Dave Baxter

Line-up included
(as pictured on right)

Kevin Parrott lead guitar
Colin Leah lead guitar
Geoff Kirk (Kirk Price) vocals
Derek Morrison rhythm guitar
Dave Snape drums
Ronnie Dixon bass guitar

"Mick Coleman joined the band from The Hornets and we eventually changed the name to the Fat Sound after adding frontline saxes.

We then worked the rest of the 1960s in Denmark, Germany & Israel with the Big Sound. Mick wrote the song Matchstalk Men which I produced, and we made number one in 1978"

Kevin Parrott

The Pathfinders at Regent Ballroom 1965

While I was with The Pathfinders, I auditioned as lead guitarist with the Manchester Federals one afternoon at the Ice Rink (off Cheetham Hill Road?), and was offered the job.

Meanwhile, as our manager Dave Baxter had a "recording studio", we recorded a couple of acetates to send me on my way.

However, while serving my notice with The Pathfinders, I changed my mind about leaving.

Dave's studio was in Audenshaw, and had a few groups in to do "demo's".

Actually, the studio looked the part, but behind the glass he only had a small stereo tape recorder and a little mixer. Still, he had the best of intentions.

One of the groups he had recording was "The Buddies" from Bury, and for some reason I think I have an acetate they did at the time in the attic. I seem to recall that one of them had died soon after they made that recording. (I think the song could be "Hello Josephine".

I was wondering if anyone remembered them, perhaps family?

Kevin Parrott


Well as you can see, it's me, the one and only Dave.

I met the Pathfinders as Kevin says in my studio at Audenshaw, which I converted from an ex co-op shop, and I was so impressed with the sound that they were producing, that to tell the truth I neglected everything else and started to manage them.

Before very long, the boy's popularity grew to such an extent, that we were approached by the Liverpool Pathfinders who were unhappy because people were turning up at gigs expecting to see us and then found that it was the wrong Pathfinders and, as they had chosen the name before us, we had to change our name.

Now I am an ex 'Big Band' leader and I had by then added, Tenor sax, Trumpet,and Trombone to the lne up and am proud to say the sound the band then made was fantastic ... lots of body, so we called it The FAT Sound. and thats how I still think of them.

I am now 78 years of age, and can honestly say that the happiest time of my life was spent with THE FAT SOUND.

I am still in touch with, Kevin who hasn't forgotten me and hopefully we will be meeting in June at Altrincham, when the boys get together for a re-union.

Dave Baxter
In memory of Dave Baxter

Pathfinders Reunion 2008

Two photographs taken 45 years apart, almost to the day.
L/R Kevin Parrott, Geoff Kirk, Dave Snape, Derek Morrison, Ronnie Dixon.

Strange ... but true!

Can you believe that the 'Pathfinder Band Director' of  the Bahamas Conference of the '7th Day Adventists' is Kirk Price.

Kevin Parrott

The Pathfinders in 1963 (above)

The Pathfinders in their van


The two photos above were taken at St Marks Dukinfield in 1962 (the group's very first gig). The line up was Dave Snape (drums and vocals), Derek Morrison (rhythm guitar), Ronnie Dixon (bass guitar) and Colin Leah (lead guitar)

The Pathfinders in 2004
(Derek Morrison pictured below at home in Australia)

Colin Leah in 2004

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Topic: The Pathfinders
Rod Symons says...
On Saturday 1/11/2014 we had just taken relatives to Nice Airport and on returning I got pen and pad ready to write a blog on the Pathfinders at manchesterbeat. I had some work to finish on the computer so I thought - leave until the morning. To my ... Read More
5th November 2014 10:52pm
Kevin Parrott says...
Thanks Rod, It's great to be in touch again, thanks to Paul & That night with the irate scotsmen in Levenshulme will be forever ingrained in my memory. It was February 13th 1965, after our gig at The Majestic, ... Read More
3rd December 2014 12:32pm
Terry Greenan says...
just come back from the Greek island,Kos,Dave Snape stopped in same hotel,Posidon,sang a couple of songs at the hotel karaoke,had a chat with him a really top bloke,
10th September 2016 4:10am

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