Paul Beattie
Paul Beattie and the Beats
Info courtesy Ruth and Louise Vincent(nee Beattie)

One of Manchester's earliest groups!

Line-up included  
Paul Beattie vocals
David Beattie  
Merton Kaufman drums
Tommy Brown alto
Al Parry tenor
Colin Knight bass
Brian Fitzgerald piano

They toured the UK with The Shadows in a show called  STARS OF THE HIT PARADE.

Also on the same bill were the following:-
Frank Ifield
Chas McDevitt and Shirley Douglas
The Hunters
Michael Cox
Compere - Dave Reid

Pictured below is the concert programme for Bristol's Colston Hall, where they opened the show.

Parlophone R4385  1957 I'm Comin' Home/ Nothing So Strange
Parlophone R4429  1958 Me, Please Me/ Wanderlust
Parlophone R4468  1958 Banana/ A House A Car And A Wedding Ring
Parlophone R4664 1960 Big Bounce/Slick Chic

The Last Farewell sung by Paul Beattie

I'm Coming Home sung by Paul Beattie

The Beatties
Paul singing with his daughter Kim on her wedding day in 2012

The Beatties 2
Sentimental Journey Home sung by Paul’s daughters Kim & Samantha

The Beatties 3
When You Walked Out on Me – I’m so lonesome Home sung by Paul’s daughters Kim, Samantha & Laura


I played drums with Paul Beattie on that concert with the Shadows and Frank Ifield, in fact I played with Paul for about a little over a year, then I joined The Saints Jazz Band.

At that time Frank Ifield was think about having his own backing group and offered me one of the positions. I refused, because I didn't think he would go anywhere, go figure.

Now I live in Canada.

I am trying to get a copy of A House and a car and a wedding ring on a 45, I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Merton Kaufman

Paul Beattie is my Uncle and now lives in Burlington, Canada with his wife Paula.  My father, David Beattie used to play in the group.

He has told me many storie's about those days.  I recently managed to obtain a DVD of Paul and my dad in an episode of Coronation Street from the early sixties.  They played at the wedding of Jerry and Moira Booth. 

It was great to see as I haven't got any of their recording'.

Gaynor Bohan nee Beattie

Hi Paul and all Beat enthusiasts. Not sure even if you've survived Paul (don't how the hell I have) but in the golden days of 57/58 you first taught me guitar.

Two and sixpence a lesson I think!! And I struggled to find that!!! Happy Days eh?

It was at your house in Vicarage Road I think, near to Platt Fields, Saturday or Sunday afternoon?

You gave me an acetate 'You're my one desire'? I went with you to Granada Quay street for your first box shot then later to a gig in The Bodega.

Years later I too performed weekly for Granada TV on 'This is your Right' I wrote the songs.

Then a great time in the Theatres and Clubs Frank Ifield, Karl Denver. Freddy and The Dreamers, you get the picture.

Best wishes everyone

Bernie Shaw 

Went to the same school as Paul - Burnage Grammar in Manchester - in fact I sat behind him in class.

Paul was a right charecter, full of confidence and a good rugby player.  I followed his musical career a little and heard him play at the Bodega in Cross Street, Manchester and at the El Rio in Macclesfield several times.

He commuted to these venues in a big black Austin Sheerline limousine in which he carried all his equipment.  I recall him and Paula getting married. Somewhere I still have the sheet music of "A house and a car and a wedding ring" but sadly his records have disappeared.   Happy Days.

Arnold Beales

In the late 50's my pal and I followed Paul and The Beats around the Manchester area at the Bodega, Stockport Jazz Club and the Alma Lodge and played records during the bands "whisky breaks". I remember Tom Brown and Gil Monk who played tenor sax and we used to meet after midnight on a Saturday night in the cellar of Gil's mothers house in Levenshulme where bottles of Mackeson and great jazz on record kept us going until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Alan Fullelove

I am Paul's big sister and still live in Manchester, England, close to where we grew up in Fallowfield. 

"Paul Beattie and the Beats" were a lot of fun.

Before Paul formed The Beats he sang in a talent show at Butlin's Holiday Camp with his brothers Colin and Ted.  His little brother, David, was too young at that time to sing with them - he since formed his own singing group.

The song my brothers sang at Butlin's was "I Believe".  I was so proud of them!

It is amazing how much my brothers have grown to look and sound alike over the years.

Louise Vincent

Last night I happened to come across  a few newspaper cuttings;  photos, programmes etc. that I thought might interest you.

On 6th December 1937 Paul Vincent Bruce Beattie was born.  I think he was born in Preston and not Blackpool where we were before, but I am not sure.

When the war began our father joined the airforce as a flight mechanic and was stationed in Wilmsow, Manchester.  Our mother and then five children, Colin, myself, Teddy (named Edward now called Ted), Paul and Janet, all moved to live in a blitzed house where a bomb had dropped close by.  Our new address was 22 Victoria Road, Fallowfield, Manchester 14 where David was born.  With eight of us living in such a damaged house things were pretty hectic at times as you may imagine.  The four boys seemed always to be chasing around!  Mum was a lot of fun and very hard working while dad was at the airport.

Paul always wanted to play the guitar.  When he was between 15 and 17 years of age he made his first guitar out of a tennis racket and later formed his own Shiffle Group playing at the Bodega in Manchester. 

He had his big chance when he was 18 years old playing on the stage with his group at the Manchester Hippodrome but it nearly cost him his life.

It was Paul's big night and all his friends and family were there.  We were sat on the balcony.  As Paul was singing he held the microphone and was nearly electrcuted to death.  I stood up and shouted but could do nothing about it!  Members of his band tried to pull Paul away but they were flung all about the stage!

Fortunately the backstage workers were quick witted enough to cut off the electric supply before it was too late.

We rushed down to to dressing room where Paul was coming round - he was very shaken.  Later he thought that he would never be able to play the guitar again.

Louise Vincent (nee Beattie)

I think I must have been one of the first people to have heard Paul sing "I'm coming home" as I was at his house in Manchester looking for guitar lessons prior to starting my own band (Ray Black and the Steeltones/ later Powerhouse Six) when he said he was going to record a song he had written. I remember him stood on the stairs in his house and performing the song.

Do you know I carried that melody for over 50yrs in my mind and couldn't believe it when I heard the old Parlaphone recording, just as I remembered it!!!Good days!!!

Ray Black



Paul moved to Canada in 1965 and continued his career in music.

Above - Paul and John Cairns

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Topic: Paul Beattie
John Cairns says...
Summer '66 with Paul Beattie The other guy in the "Bridge Photo" is bass player John Cairns. Paul's wife Paula introduced me to Lynda who is my wife for the past 48 years. The summer of '66 was one to remember...good ... Read More
1st June 2015 8:02pm
Diane paul (Manchester) says...
I remember paul beattie from the sportsman in market Street. Three of us lied about our age to get in every week. Remember Paula too. I became friendly with Bill worthington who played guitar with them. Wonder what happened to him. We all went to ... Read More
20th November 2017 11:57am

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