Peace of Mind
(early 1970s)

Line-up #1 1970 - 1972
Kenny Buckley Bass
Harry Johnson Drums/vocals
Terry Christophor Vocals
Bruce Collins Guitar/vocals
Line-up #2 1972
Kenny Buckley Bass
Harry Johnson Drums
Mike Stewart Vocals
Stan Pong Guitar

The original line up formed in 1970 for a summer season in the Isle of Man. They then did the cabaret scene for 2 years.

Bruce and Terry were originally a m/f duo, Harry
Johnston was from The Shades and Ken buckley was from the Cherry Rowland

The band split in 1972 when Bruce and Terry went to work resident at Pete Stringfellows in Leeds.

Harry and Ken carried on with with two other members, Mike Stewart (vocals) and Stan Pong (guitar).

Bruce and Terry re formed a new band around 1974 and as the name was no longer being used, set up Peace of Mind again.

Last I heard of Bruce, he was still doing
cabaret in Manchester.

Tterry lives and works in London where she still
performs and has been very successful touring with Freddie Starr and others.

Hharry Johnston worked with many bands after peace .... Reg Coates (who hasn't worked with Reg) and hit recording group "Highley Likely" plus many Manchester residencies. Currently taxi driving.

Ken Buckley worked for a few years backing Billy J Kramer .. in the Dakotas, now sensibly got aproper job!

Harry Johnson

Line-up #3 1974 -
Kenny Anders Bass/vocals
Clem Lee Drums
Terry Turner Vocals
Jim Smith Organ
Bruce Turner Guitar/vocals

On stage at the Cats Whiskers, Oldham

On stage at the Cats Whiskers, Oldham

Jim Smith, Kenny Anders, Chris Anders, Clem Lee, Terry and Bruce


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