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Topic: Penguins
Lez Barstow says...
In the 1960's, I attended Ashton school of art. One of my fellow predip. Students was Roy Smith who was base guitarist with a group called The Penguins. All I know about them is that they played a few gigs around the Ashton area and in 1963, ... Read More
20th October 2014 8:10pm
Lez Barstow says...
The only thing I can add is that before he went to art school, Roy attended Ashton Grammar School. According to their website, Roy is now deceased.
20th October 2014 8:16pm
Tony Darlington says...
Hi Lez, I was a member of the Penguins in 1963, then joined another local Stockport Group (The Maybellenes) in 1964. Please email me if you want more information.
31st December 2016 2:35am

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