The Peppermint Ice

Dave Hancock Rhythm
Dave Parry Lead
Box Drums
Pam Ellidge Vocals



After about nine months or so the lads from The Blue Days, for some unknown reason, drifted apart and two of us decided we would have to carry on and try to make some money if only to pay off the instalments on the new instruments we had bought from Mameloks and A1.

We advertised for other members and auditioned quite a number of people until we settled on a female vocalist, Pamela Ellidge, to become a trio. She had a wonderful sweet voice , very much like Karen Carpenter. I swapped my drums for a guitar and we became ‘Peppermint Ice'

This time we actually made a little money as well as paying for the equipment so I suppose you could say we were quite successful. It was during the time with ‘Peppermint Ice' that we came closest to making a real name for ourselves when we went into a nationwide talent contest in the early seventies run by Baileys Night Clubs and No 6 Cigarettes. The Astoria in Oldham became a Baileys nightclub and after winning a number of local area heats, we found ourselves actually playing in Baileys, the first prize being a nationwide tour of all the Baileys Clubs.

Of course we didn't win, but came third and were beaten by a young fourteen year old lad called Joe Longthorne and the eventual winners were a band called Show Waddy Waddy. We were actually given a gig at the Oldham Baileys and supported ‘Hurricane Smith' Not long after this, Pam decided to give it all up so it was decided we would have to start all over again.

We joined up with an old mate Dave Livesey and a female vocalist, Pat Garth who had already made a name for herself locally as Tricia Sinclair, who was a little more versatile than Pam and gave us a little more scope with the type of music we could play. The name again changed and we became ‘Tuesdays Child'

Dave Hancock

After a brief spell of not doing very much, except my full time job, I entered a talent contest whilst on holiday in Tenerife, which I won,  which in turn led me to record a demo tape at Pennine studios in Oldham, with a view to getting an agent!

This I did, Tony York was my agent and I did the club circuit for a few years, singing at Talk of the North was one of the better clubs, but I enjoyed all the gigs I was booked at!

I was also invited to be a session singer for Piccadilly Radio. I did quite a lot, not just as a solo, but duetted with Hamilton Browne.

I then got asked to auditions for a nine piece dance band named Satin Brass and was successful. I fronted the band with Laurie Ash.

I loved singing with the band and left a few years later to have a baby. After that I just used to dep for the girl who replaced me, when needed.

And now, alas, I sing whenever there's a karaoke, especially on holiday!

My singing did get more versatile, not just a Karen Carpenter soundalike!

Hope you don't mind me putting the record straight, and if you want any more in formation, I shall be only too pleased.

My regards go to Dave Hancock and Dave Parry, we had a great time and I remember only too well when we were support act for Hurricane Smith.

Kind regards

Pam Knox aka Pam Ellidge



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