Pete and The Rebels

Line-up included  
Ken Mills vocals
Peter O'Malley vocals
Mike Marren guitar
Harold Hughes bass
Eddie Rodgers drums
Jim Baines bass
John Dawson guitar




A great group from Salford. They were very very popular playing at all the clubs and dance halls in the Manchester area.

I remember seeing Pete and The Rebels almost every week at the Royal British Legion on Great Clowes St, Lower Broughton from 1963 to 1966 or there abouts. I lived opposite at 9 Gordon St.

They were a brilliant band and the drummer was the most technical proficient drummer I have ever heard.
He left such a lasting impression on me from the first time I ever heard him that I decided my dad had to buy me a kit.

12 months later, I was playing drums with The Beat League at all the local pubs and clubs in Salford and Manchester. Am sure every young lad full of testosterone did in the heady days of the early to late 60s music boom.

If my memory serves me right, the drummer was called Eddie Rodgers.

Dave Anderton
(Ex Salfordian but living in Rochdale since 1970) 

The group was originally The Rebels formed in about 1958 by four lads from Weaste in Salford. Their members changed over the next few years one addition being a drummer Eddie Rodgers.  Ken Mills left to go solo and then the group became Pete and the Rebels. The group carried on with that name until they got a manager who changed their name to the Cameo Five - the name they carried till they disbanded.

Pete O`Mallet lives in South Africa.
Jim Bains lives in Swinton and is the president of Brackly Con.
Ken Mills still entertains the local pensioners.
Mike Marren   - sadly, now deceased.
Unfortunately Harold Hughes died.
Eddie Rodgers for a few years played drums at Pendlebury Legion

ex Cameo Entertainments

Pete and The Rebels frequently played at The Royal British Legion on Great Clowes Street, Lower Broughton. I used to sit at the front of the club on youth nights, not talking but listening to and watching Eddie play. All I could think of was "One day I'll be on that stage behind my own drum kit". I lived almost opposite the club at 9 Gordon St from being a child until I was 21 year old when my parents moved from Salford to Rochdale.

It was listening to Eddie that gave me the passion to start drumming that has led to a life long interest in music.

I still talk about Eddie Rogers to friends and how my life changed for the better due to him.

I have heard many drummers over the last 50 years, including big names, but Eddie was the best I have ever heard.

To say he was brilliant is an understatement.
Within 12 months of first hearing him play, I was drumming with local Salford group, The BEATLEAGUE as a 14 year old.
We played frequently at the "Legion" and I always used to laugh and think "One day............"

When I had my first drum kit, an Olympic, before Judd Williams asked me to join the Beat League, I had the name THE REBELS printed on the bass drum head in honour of Eddie Rogers.

Now if that's not being an anorak, I don't know what is? Mr Saddo or what?

I still have an 8 piece Ludwig kit in spare bedroom but haven't played for years. Don't think the neighbours would be too impressed.

Eddie Rogers, my son, I am deeply indebted to you.

Thank you for triggering my passion for drums and music in general. I have had a lifetime of music enjoyment thanks to you.

Dave Anderton
Honorary Rochdalian after 40 years living here but still a true, proud Salfordian
The BeatLeague

My father John Dawson was the  guitarist with Pete and the Rebels and has many happy memories being part of the group.

Elaine Linsdell

My brother John Dawson who played lead guitar in the Rebels still has the old style tape recordings of some the songs that Pete and the group sang. I do know John and Pete have been in touch via email. Do not know what became of Eddie Rodgers the drummer? Does anyone know his whereabouts now? 

Patricia Ann Dawson Blackshaw

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Topic: Pete and The Rebels
Peter Marren says...
I am nephew to Mike Marren who sadly, was buried today, but it got us discussing his history and looked up the band he played with, The Rebels. You may have guessed that he is the Mike mentioned in your article. He was a bass guitar player with the ... Read More
3rd April 2015 4:17pm


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