The Renegades
info courtesy Peter Havery/Dave Hill

Line-Up included
Peter Havery
rhythm guitar
Paul Choularton
lead guitar
Terry Betts
bass guitar (replaced Rod)
Dave Hill
Mile Harding guitar (replaced Paul)
Wayne Gordon  
Viv Stocks  
Jimmy Reekie  
Rod Stocks bass


"The group was formed in Crumpsall about 1961 and did its first gig at St Matthews Church Hall, Crumpsall.

Later went to Germany and played the American army bases with Wayne Gordon as vocalist. On their return, the group split as other bands were coming to the fore.

Bass player Terry Betts joined The Chaperones with Lorraine Grey.

I went to Lee Paul and the Boys.

Other singers came and went in those early heady days including Viv Stocks (a little Brenda Lee), .Jimmy Reekie. a wee scot.

The first paid gig (5.00 punds) was at the now demolished Balmoral Hotel on Rochdale Road, Collyhurst. I remember it for the fact that we stowed our gear in the luggage space on the 26 bus and the long seats at the back. Happy crazy days. "

Dave Hill

As I remember, Rod Stocks (Viv`s brother) was the original bass player before I joined. Rest of line-up was Paul Choularton (who went on to become a "head" on the Irish showband scene, Pete Havery, Dave Hill, Viv Stocks, and Jimmy Reekie.

Stuart Agnew was manager, later replaced by Bill Ashley, and Mike Parker used to be roadie. Paul was replaced on guitar by Mike (Rochdale Cowboy) Harding.

I left to join The Beatmakers, who changed their name to Bo Weevils after backing Bo Didley at the Oasis Club.

I then joined Lorraine Gray, along with Dave Tomlinson (St. Louis Union), drummer Trevor Morais who later left to join The Peddlars (replaced by Ronnie Pearson) and Keith Gresty.

I later joined up with Paul Choularton again, playing with The Internationals, went on the cabaret scene with The Three Days, before joining with Paul again to start The Carnival with Bill Woods from The Silvers. I am now retired and living in Durham city.

Terry Betts

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Alan Nyman
Hi Terry, you won't remember me, I was one of a gang of us who used to go to Altrincham Ice Rink 3 or 4 times a week and you had your silver shiney suits on.You were a great band and made a change from listening to Stanley Tudor (resident organist). From memory you were on the left.The other thing I remember, was a girl in our little gang called Gill who fancied you and always asked you to play certain songs.Do you remember her?, or even better if you are that Gill and reading this LET'S HEAR FROM YOU.
27th March 2016 4:42am
little rikki
hi terry i am still very much alive and have my 73 next year im living in ainsdale.on the sand dunes.iam ex directory so e mail if you get this regards
17th August 2015 1:28am
terry betts
Hello Rikki, great to know you`re still vertical - we had some great times back in the day, didn`t we? Do you know if any of the band are still with us? I shall check you out on FB. Hopefully you have a page.
All the best, Terry.
14th February 2016 7:39am
little rikki
hi terry. yes still standing 5ft 4 tall and still loving my music collection, spoke to mike 1987 spoke to dave ward 2009 he was on magic radio and mike was doing the folk show on radio 2 but I think he to has retired.i would love to chat,but I do not want to give my phone number out. Best wishes. GEORGE LOWE.THAT WAS THE NAME ON THE SIDE OF MY BREAD VAN MEMORIES WHEN YOU GET TOTHIS AGE THATS ALL WE HAVE. SPEAK SOON I HOPE .RIKKI
25th February 2016 4:23am
Terry Betts
Hiya Pedro, If you send me your number we`ll have a chat, or you can get me on 07525848922. I`m still standing, 71 in May, and living in Chester le Street Co. Durham.Been in touch with George Lowes (Little Rikki) just before christmas, and he`s doing fine too. Fancy a reunion, cos we`re all still standing. Terry
17th February 2017 6:23am
terry betts
Rikki, you haven`t replied to my e-mail in which I gave you my mobile number I hope this doesn`t mean you are unable to.I would love to get in touch again, so if you are ok, e-mail me and let`s get in touch again. Terry.
27th March 2016 6:04am
Little Rikki
in 1962 I moved from Liverpool with my job.I auditioned for the Renegades 1963 after 3 hours each night 4 nights and many songs I lost my voice,Jungfrau was my first gig,the band played mainly in Yorkshire but we where resident at the Oasis on every Tuesday ,I was asked by Tony Stuart to go solo but never did,over the next 18 months we played with great bands the list would be to long so I will name a few. Dave Berry DEKE RIVERS JOHNY PETERS HERMANS HERMITS FREDDIE AND THE DREAMERS THE IVY LEAGUE SCREAMING LORD SUTCH LANCE PERCIVAL JOHNY PRESTON FIRE BALL XL5 BO DIDDLEY I GOT MY ALBUM SIGNED. ON THE 8TH DEC 1963 WE DID 1964 AT LARGE FOR BBC TV AT THE OASIS WITH HONOUR BLACKMAN. GREAT TIMES.IM 71 NOW BUT TWO WEEKS AGO I TOOK MY THREE GRAND DAUGHTERS TO A60S NIGHT AT THE SOUTHPORT THEATRE. O I NEVER TOLD YOU THAT I MET DEL SHANNON. I SAW BUDDY HOLLY BOBBY DARIN DUANE EDDY THE BIG BOPER RICKY VALANCE. I WENT TO THE CAVAN TO PLAY WITH WAYNE FONTANA AND THE MIND BENDERS ALSO DENNISONS.I ... Read More
28th November 2014 10:46pm
Terry Betts
Rikki used to turn up at the gigs in his bread van.It was a real novelty to have a Liverpool lad in a Manchester band,and he was always the true pro. A real pleasure to work with him.

Anyone go a contact number for him?
7th May 2015 7:44am
Arty Davies
hi Rikki, I am arty davies of Artysmerseypedia on do line ups of bands from the 60s Merseysound. as you are a Liverpool guy I would like to be able to include you. could you contact me.cheers Arty
6th October 2015 8:34am

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