Eccles, circa 1963

Gordon Collinge rhythm
Barry Ashall bass
Alan Massey lead
Ray Winstanley drums

I played in the early 60s with a typical semi-pro group from Eccles called the Re-Sounds whose one claim to fame was the bass player, Barry Ashall, who later joined the Four Just Men which later became Wimple Winch.

Our group set up its nerve racking debut at Monton Methodist Church Youth Club on 22nd November 1963 and we all know what happened to spoil the date. They say we can all remember where we were when we heard - well the Re Sounds will never forget!

The Broadway Cinema Ballroom had gone by then but the place in Eccles was the Lyndale on the other side of the roundabout over Burtons shop.

We also played at another Eccles club called the Majestic which was in the street down the side of the Majestic Cinema - the Cinema eventually becoming the Talk of the North Club.

Jim Shepherd, manager of the now demolished Princes Cinema at Monton, used to put groups on stage during the kids matinee on Saturday afternoons and many groups from the area cut their teeth as it were before a listening and non-dancing audience.

Our manager was Arnold Ashbrook of Eccles and he got us a lot of bookings on the Threlfall pubs circuit through Sonny Ross Agency of Corporation Street.

Some memorable nights can be recalled at the Horse Shoe opp Pendleton Church, the two Bulls Heads at Swinton and Walkden and the Radnor pub in Hulme where we shared the stage one night with the Stylos.
The old Suburban pub on Cross Street was also another regular venue for local groups.

Many of the groups who played the Threlfall circuit never made any great claims to fame but I do remember the Emeralds and the Images from Eccles and the Con Brios from Salford and the Boys of Chavington were a great outfit from the Urmston area rivaling Herman's Hermits at the time.

I remember seeing Reggie Coates and the Tuxedos at a Forty Thieves all nighter when the band members had a fist fight on stage and the evening ended prematurely.

This was definitely the 'L-Plate' end of the rock scene and transport was anything from a transit van when our driver could persuade it to start, to the back of an open lorry in the rain. We even carted the whole kit and caboodle on the bus from Eccles to Pendleton one night!!

And all for a quid each per night - the rest going in H.P. Beatles? They didn't know what they were missing!

Gordon Collinge

Alan worked for the Electric Board, Ray for Freeman Hardy and Willis and I was an Income Tax Officer.
Baz Ashall was not working and, even at the age of 16 regarded himself as a professional bass player. And he was.

Not many groups can claim to have played in a Tax Office but the ReSounds played a spot at our office Christmas party in 1963!

We practised once a week at the Red Lion in a little street off Legh Street behind the Spinners Arms near Patricroft Bridge.
We spent many evenings in the pubs of the Salford area thundering out Beatles and Shadows renderings (bearing in mind that rendering can also mean tearing apart!!!) A regular van driver for some tine was Ted Lavery who had a life background with the showman's guild.  If only he could be here today he would no doubt fill your site with hair curling tales of the groups he ferried about.

A showman to the end he was last seen in charge of the amusement arcade a few doors away from "Greasy Nick's" Snack Bar below the Plaza (Tiffany's)  ballroom on Oxford Road in the late 60s.

The late Neil Hiley of Radio Manchester fame, another Winton lad, was a great friend of the ReSounds,as he was at the time a member of the Emeralds.

Another Eccles based group I played with was the Cabaret Five. Founded in 1964 by Ken Griffiths of Peel Green we recruited Rob McCormack on drums and Ray Winstanley again on vocals. A Romily lad, Dave Allen arrived on Bass to replace Baz Ashall who was determined to go full time pro asap.(See Wimple Winch.) This group rehearsed in the pub next door to the Eccles Borough Brass Band room on Corporation Street then latterly in 1965 at the old Brown Cow in Winton before it was demolished to make way for the M602. Another Brown Cow took its place nearby.

The Cabaret Five hit on a formula of catering for those venues which wouldn't book noisy rock groups and our programme of ballads, country  and so on found us in demand in clubs and pubs where no group had played for years.
We fed on the successes of Jim Reeves, The Shadows and the gentler songs of the Beatles and Cliff Richard.

Kenny Griffiths was the kingpin, spending hours of his spare time partly playing the lead parts and partly renovating his Commer van, both of which he did with total dedication.

When Dave Allen and I left to form the Dave Gordon Duo (full time professional) I understand the Cabaret Five carried on for a while with new rhythm and bass players. However, I met Rob McCormack in mid 1966 and by then they had finished as far as he knew.

Gordon Collinge

Hi young Gordon - young Bazza here. Just been reading your memories of The Resounds - its good, didn't know ya cared that much.

Yea I've got loads of memories of the band (fond ones). We'll have to meet and chat.

I'm still involved with music - Wimple winch are still in demand (45 years down the line),and growing -TV.interview next week, they wanna do a full promo. We'll see how it goes.  Yea I did finally become pro. Many names--big and small--but its the music that counts, mind you W.W.were superior to any (except the Resounds of course) by far.

Contact me and we'll arrange a meet.  Be good. So--take care youngun - look after ya guitar as well as yourself


Hi  - anyone know where Baz is now?  We used to go clubbing in 1975  - we bumped into Wayne Fontana outside the Poco-a-Poco club and Wayne gave me his multi coloured jacket.  Wish I had it now.

We had loads of laughs.  He used to mend washing machines in his spare time.  He had a nickname - billy bodge. Bumped into him in a pub in Wernerth Low for the aniversary of our late friend's wedding celeb - Alan Wright.  Great guys.

Dave Broomhall

Takes one back to those great days when one reads these sites. I acted as manager to this great group before setting up Dial Theatrical Enterprises. Since then I've played in groups as well as written many pantomimes & musicals all for the love of it  I might add.  Got several shows on the go at the moment and even though the years have moved on music still excites me just as much as it did in the 60's. Would  love to get in touch with any of the group if they are still around.

William Arnold Ashbrook

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Topic: The Re-Sounds
Barry Ashall says...
Hi--"YOUNG"--"Arnie Ashbrook"--young Bazzarroo Ashall here.Just like to say a huge thanks to you,for your extremely professional input into both "The RESOUNDS" and my own musical achievements and enjoyment.Thanks to ... Read More
23rd March 2014 8:02pm
Paul G Shaw says...
If I remember correctly there was an earlier incarnation of the Re-Sounds in Monton Green around 1959....the first band I played with. The line up was unusual in having 4 guitarists, 1 bass player and no drums.. Line up that I can recall was Ian D ... Read More
27th March 2014 3:01am
Mark Winstanley says...
Ray is my Dad, So good to read about him on here, he often talks about his days in the band. I remember Ken, I wish I was there to see these guys play.
5th January 2015 11:14am
Iain Winstanley says...
Son number 4 of the great Ray Winstanley.  He still has that radio mic up in the loft, all silver and worn from the circuit days! Ray was always and will be a crowd worker up close to his audience where he belongs. Great to read tales of the past ... Read More
6th January 2015 12:48pm
Barrie Ashall says...
Ahh--come back tour,yyea! Iain--"BRING IT ON"I,m retired now (health reasons--due to lifestyle)--Resounds resuming ?-would make the perfect circle for me--take care--regards to dad.--Baz.
10th March 2015 2:18am
Gordon Collinge says...
Hello to the Winstanleys out there. Any chance you can put me in direct touch with your Dad, Ray? I think that between us we can jog memories and come up with some more interesting stuff for Manchester Beat. My e-mail is ... Read More
24th May 2015 3:50pm
Iain winstanley says...
I shall pass on your email to my dad, hopfully you can get a come back tour on the cards :)
30th May 2015 11:15pm
Ben Morris says...
That was - Bernard Mozze Morris, and I still have a photo of me on your guitar, Paul! I remember someone taking a movie of us one night - I'd love to see it if it's still around! Cheers, just off to re-string the Fender! Mozze.
12th August 2015 9:15pm
Martin Cooper says...
For Gordon Collinge , My Dad played rhythm for The Boys Of Chavington to which you made reference to.
Have loads of publicity photos from 1963
Regards Martin Cooper
15th May 2015 2:48am

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