Rumble Fat Band
info courtesy Stuart Bunyan

Pete Izon
Stuart Bunyan
Geoff "Chiz" Muir
Keith Davis
Geoff Wilson
Ivor Haverson
Joe Carroll
Alan Gallagher
Stuart Charles Vocals (replaced PI)
Pete Wrigley Lead Guitar (replaced Keith)

Eight-piece soul band with a great sound!

RFB started out as the "Uptown Line" with Roy D Spencer as their manager.  

Roy had this idea of a Tina Turner type of band and recruited Stuart Bunyan to play guitar, with a new keyboard player and bass player who worked at BT with Stuart - and the "horns" via an advert.

Above - fan club official picture
( club was run by Elaine Lilley and Heather Bailey)

Stuart Charles on "the mike" with Ivor (sax) on the left.


Pete Izon left in 1969 when the band started working for Kennedy Street Artistes and was replaced by former Life 'n' Soul frontman, Stuart Charles.

For more info on RFB members, read Uptown Line and The Expectations


Stuart Charles in action (wonder if we were all as slim as that)
- note poster for Big City Soul Band on wall.

Where are they now?

  • Stuart Bunyan works with BT after playing in the resident band at Leigh Casino with Joe the sax after Rumble fell apart.  
  • Chiz turned pro with Rumble and then had his own Music Shop for a while and was last heard of  doing tour promotion for major acts. 
  • Keith Davis left BT a couple of years ago and is now in a "Rock and Roll" band. 
  • Ivor Harveson lives on the Isle of Bude.
  • Joe Carroll - after working at a coastal resort and abroad for many years with many different bands is now a solo performer singing and playing sax on the club ciruit.
  • Roy D Spencer has recently been in contact with Manchesterbeat and has supplied some additional material for this page, Uptown Line and his agency, Roy D Spencer and Associates
  • Stuart Charles in now back in Manchester after many years in Europe.


Roy Spencer (Manager) and Geoff Wilson (Drums) at Strawberry Studios


Ad from "Scene 68" - June 1968


Ad from "Scene 68" - June 1968


Article from "Scene68" - July 1968
Logo courtesy: A.D Forster
Known gigs  
1968 1969
31 August Pop Inn 1 February Brooklands Cricket Club
1 September Thing Club, Oldham 2 February Wally's Disco Preston
2 September Tow Barr In, Eggremont 8 February Otley Mechanics, Bradford
7 September Dunelm House, Durham 12 February Worely Court House
13 September Dinos, Liverpool 13 February Bluebell Hotel, Sheffield
14 September Park Hall, Warrington 14 February St Francis, Wythenshawe
19 September Summerville House, Kingswinford 15 February Princess Ballroom, Halifax
22 September St Josephs YC, Salford 16 February Keg O'Kee, Atherton
29 September Gretna Hall, Carlisle 18 February St Ignasious School, Mcr
5 October Hawick Town Hall, Scotland 22 February Queens Rd Synagogue,
9 November Sloopy's 28 February St Bernadette's, Manchester
10 November Cromwellian, Bolton 1 March Browns, Stretford
15 November St Francis's YC, Wythenshawe 7 March St Columba's Wythenshawe
16 November Gretna Hall, Carlisle 14 March Warrington Carlton Club
17 November Gretna Hall, Carlisle 15 March Starlite Ballroom, Boston
22 November Dinos, Liverpool 19 March Fielden Park College, Didsbury
23 November LCC Old Trafford (Gas Board) 21 March Cromwellian, Bolton
27 November Bolton College of Art 22 March Uncle Toms Cabin, Little Hulton
30 November St Werburghs, Chorlton 24 March Hall engineering, Shrewsbury
1 December Thing Club, Oldham 18 April Royal Iris, Liverpool
13 December Dinos, Liverpool 25 April Rosco and Gladstone Hall, Liverpool
15 December Wallys Disc Club, Preston 3 May Ellesmere Port YC
16 December Bamboo Club, Stockport 9 May St Francis YC, Wythenshawe
20 December Hills Stores, Oldham 10 May Dolywern Hall, Chirk, N Wales
21 December Hawick Town Hall, Scotland 30 May Winter Gardens Blackpool
28 December New Century Hall, Manchester    

Have a letter from Jan on Fan Club Headed Paper dated 27th Sept 1968 telling me the Band was playing the Gretna Hall in Carlisle on Sunday 29th Sept - a sunday and they were playing near London on the saturday night.

Was there ever a recording made of this great group every time they were up in Cumbria we all went to see them?  They were a huge success at the Tow Bar Inn nr Whitehaven.  Happy days!


I remember the band playing at St.Francis's Chuch youth club back in 69/69 as I was a member and helper at the club. I also remember going to see them and I went on my scooter ,while in that place I had my speedo stolen off my scooter and the band offered to take me and my scooter home in the back of the van as my headlight was stolen as well .

On one occasion I remenber at St Fracis the band had a break inbetween sessions and one of  the drummer's cymbols was stolen.  It was found a few minutes later in the ladies cloackroom and I think it was my girlfriend at the time who stole it.

Great memories of great times and days may the band play on.  Best wishes

Malc  Covill 


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