Line Up  
Harvey Starr vocals
Neil Levine guitar
David Solomons guitar
Harvey Rose bass/vocals
Kevin Godley drums

Among the musicians who passed through their ranks was Lol Creme, who went on to Hotlegs, 10cc and Godley-Creme with Kevin Godley.

The Sabres morphed into Richard Kent Style.


Please note:  There was also a St Helens group of the same name - info here

Pictured: Kevin Godley, Neil Levine, David Solomons, Harvey Rose, Harvey Starr

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mark solomon
hi this brings back fondest memories, my brothe dave solomon joined the band and i used to go and watch them reherse, i just thought they were amazing, doing stuff like 'walk dont run' 'love potion no9' they were all older than me , i used to think they were all great looking future pop stars . sadly my bro passed away 2008 . i would be really happy if m.b. would let me copy the pic xx mark
11th February 2016 8:36am
John H. Warburg
The Sabres were formed in ca. 1961 by 14 year-old Lol Creme on lead guitar (b. Laurence Neil Creme, September 19, 1947, Prestwich, Lancashire, UK), with his cousin Neil Levene on lead vocals, plus Harvey Rose on bass and Brian Franks on drums, cousin of Kevin Godley (b. Kevin Michael Godley, October 7, 1945, Prestwich, Lancashire, UK). The band rehearsed at The Jewish Lads Brigade, which was also known as The Jewish Alliance Brigade a local Jewish Youth Club in Manchester, Lancashire, the same place as other local bands, Group 17 and The Whirlwinds also rehearsed. Franks was later replaced by his cousin drummer Kevin Godley (ex-Group 17). Creme was a next door neighbour to Steve Jacobson (born Steven Jacobson), who was guitarist in The Whirlwinds and later The Mockingbirds. In 1952 Creme had gone to King David's School in Eaton Road, Crumsall, Manchester 8 and in 1958 went to The Strand Grammar School in Whitefield, Manchester. Later in 1963 Creme started at Ashton-under-Lyme ... Read More
9th April 2014 8:28pm
Bryan Franks
Nice to see my name in print after all these years. Thank you for the potted history

Bryan Franks
6th December 2015 4:05am

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