Sean Fowden and the Wyverns
North Cheshire

Line-up included  
Sean Fowden  
Tim Shaw  
Vic Hartley  
Kev Higgins  
Phil Summers drums (replaced Jim)
Jim drums

The group played throughout the 1960s in and around Altrincham and Manchester. They beat the Hollies in a national competition held at the Plaza.  They played at Manchester Palace with the Kinks, and Shane Fenton. They played with the Rolling Stones at the Tower Ball Room in New Brighton and with almost all the top groups at some time. 

They were resident group at Altrincham Ice Rink and were regulars at the Stamford Hall, Altrincham.

Publicity Shot with original drummer Jim


At the Bus Company Social Club in Altrincham, very early days
The group's brick at The Cavern
The old Bedford van covered in lipstick writing.

Publicity Shot with new drummer Phil Summers


The  group with orginal drummer, Jim


Poster from the Palace Theatre, Oxford Street.  

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Comments (2)

Topic: Sean Fowden and the Wyverns
Sean Fowden says...
Our youngest daughter came across our band page a couple of days ago, not quite sure how, have not had the chance to ask her yet. We played al over the north west of England and North Wales up to Carlisle. Additionally we played the cavern in ... Read More
7th March 2017 1:37am
Vic says...
Really chuffed to see this. Went on site a couple of months ago and there was no mention of us.elbat
16th March 2017 10:23am

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