The Sioux included  
Terence Boucher guitar
Brian Rodgers drums
Joe vocals
Alan bass
Denis Neill guitar
Arthur Parkes guitar
Graham Myers bass
Trevor Horrocks guitar
The Sioux Showgroup included
Brian Rodgers drums
Pete Taylor vocals
Tony Lingard bass
Brian Greenwood (Zak) guitar
Rob Shelton vocals
Chris Evans bass
Picture dated 1977
L to R ...Zak, Pete Taylor, Brian Rogers, Tony Lingard (during his Barry Gibb phase!!)

In 1967 Brian (distant cousin) came to see me. He was starting a group and requested if I would teach his friend the guitar, this friend also had a girlfriend and the intention was for her to become a singer with the group.

After a few weeks Brian and I realised that neither were suited either to sing or play the guitar. We then set about auditioning for a lead guitar, bass and singer. We eventually had Brian on drums, myself guitar, Joe singer, and Alan on bass and lead guitarist whose name I cannot remember (see below from Denis).

We called ourselves The Sioux  - I think that was Brian's idea or it may have been collective. We would rehearse in a church hall in Longsight, Our bassist then got us venues and we played pubs in Salford, Eccles and Belle Vue. A ridiculous situation occurred in 1969, I left the group and the others minus Brian split up to form another group.

Brian then reformed and called the new group the Sioux Showgroup.

Terence Boucher

I played with the Sioux in the late 70s with Zak (lead guitar), Brian Rogers (drums) and Rob Shelton on vocals. Both Rob and myself later joined up in a great cabaret outfit called 'After Midnight'.

Sadly both Zak and Rob are no longer withus.

Chris Evans

1969 - Trevor Horrocks (12 string), Merv (Stratocaster), Brian (drums).

Prior to them becoming a 'Showgroup', I played rhythm guitar with The Sioux in the sixties along with Brian Rogers (drums) & Pete Taylor(vocals).

I still have a demo record we made together at a studio called Eroica in Altrincham. The 'A' side is the Monkey's hit "I'm a Believer" and the 'B' side a song called "River Runs Fast" written by Colin Priest who played bass guitar with the group. Pete Taylor is the singer on both tracks.    

Brian Hunt

I am the son of Robert Shelton, who was the lead singer of the Sioux Show roup. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 40 in 1992.

I was lucky enough to see him perform in the latter eighties. the band was then called, After Midnight, with Chris Evans, or sometimes Roy Turnbull on bass guitar, my uncle Charlie Shelton on rhythm guitar, my other uncle Paul Shelton on drums, and different lead guitarists, but the one that sticks to mind was a fella called Alan who played with the band right up untill Rob died.

I remember Alan, coz my old fella used to think he was the best lead guitarist he'd ever seen and I couldn't disagree, He totally put the sound in the band that they were looking for.

After my dad died, I don't know what happened to Alan. I can only hope that he's doing ok and still plucking the strings, that kind of talent shouldn't be wasted.

I miss those years, they were real, feel good nights. anyway! Like my father, I now sing in a band, but, covering, Free/Bad Company  stuff.

We're called The Merchants of Cool - search on google. We can only try and keep live music on the scene, and Manchester is the best place for it.

Thanks to all the older musicians that keep it running through our veins and god bless.   

Paul Shelton        


LtoR Zak (lead guitar), Brian Rogers (drums), Chris Evans (bass guitar) and at the back, Rob Shelton (vocals).
Chris: "Why weren't we smiling?"

I'm the lead guitarist on the second photo. My name is Arthur Parkes and I have some great memories of my time with Sioux. Brian driving us around in the pickup truck. I'd love to hear from anyone on the scene at the time.

Arthur Parkes

I am Denis Neill. In 1969  missing names are Graham Myers bass guitar and Denis Neill. The place was at Uncle Toms Cabin, Greater Manchester

Denis Neill

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Topic: Sioux
Denis Neill says...
Previous post failed to mention I was the lead singer in the Sioux group in 1969.
15th June 2014 8:44pm
Denis Neill says...
Previous post my name was not spelt correct it should been spelt Denis Neill was the singer in the 1969 line upof the sioux group
30th June 2014 2:34am
Mervyn Horrocks says...
I played lead guitar with The Sioux for a short while. That's me in the glasses with a stratocaster.
29th December 2015 10:39pm

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