photo of the group late 1969 early 1970; left to right:
Phil Dale (singer), Paul Marshall (organ), Harry Greene (bass), John Benson (drums), John Senior (Guitar), David Ludlam (flute)

This was taken before John Benson and Harry Greene joined.
Left to right is Geoff Parker drums; John Williams bass; Paul Marshall organ; John Senior guitar; and Phil Dale vocalist.
The photo was taken just before a gig at The Caven on Matthew Street Liverpool and was taken across the road from The Caven, just after we came back from Germany in summer 1969. John Williams had just joined the band to replace the Turkish bass player we had to leave behind in Germany.

Line-up included  
Phil Dale Vocals
Paul (Sham) Marshall Lowrey Split plus electric violin
Harry Greene Bass
Geoff Parker Drums, Vibes and Timps
John Senior Lead Guitar
Denis Brennan  
Kev Bowden  
Alan "Joe" Wroe Bass
Alan Yapp Vocals
David Ludlum Flute, Congas & Piano
John "Benny" Benson Drums

One of the early Manchester "progressive" bands.  

Alan "Joe" Wroe replaced Harry "Fwerk" Green on bass in the late sixties and the singer was at that time Allan Yapp. The drummer was John "Benny" Benson and Lou Ludlum played Flute, Congas & Piano. No Guitarist after John Senior left.

The Band went to Germany in 1972 and imploded there.

Allan & "Joe" carried on a while until "Joe" joined the top German band "Kin Ping Meh". Allen returned to England and works on computers in London. "Joe" is still playing in Germany.


I put a number of people in touch with each other and from this Alan first formed The New Boston Sect around 1966.

Based in Whalley Range and practiced at the Whalley Range Methodist Hall, Withington Road. The line-up (fragmentary) was Alan Yapp- Guitar/Lead Vocals (now Systems Software in London ), Victor Constantinis - Drums ( Catering Business in Australia ) and Ian Tomlinson - Drums ( deceased ). I think that Barry Thornton may have been in the group for a short while on Guitar but as I was mostly in London at the time the rest is hazy.

1967 saw the change to The Henry Allen Blend.

The line-up ( part way through ) was Alan Yapp Lead Vocals/Guitar, Victor Constantinis - Bass, Ian Tomlinson - Drums. The group found a superb lead guitarist but his name eludes me. Paul ( Mash ) Marshall joined as Bass (I think) and he had a mate (Lou Ludlam) who could not play much but started to learn the sax and joined.

New members came and went (as usual).

Both groups were funded by Ian Tomlinson's dad who provided a full set of Marshall PA and a Morris J2 van. Ian acted as Manager as well as playing drums.

From memory The Henry Allen Blend fell apart during 1968.

Alan, at some point, met John Benson and John Senior from Sleep. Alan was developing his skills on the piano and with a bit of song writing and after his dad died, Alan went off to Hamburg ( Sleep?).

After the group imploded Alan ended up in London and scratched a living playing the piano and singing in Bars and Clubs until he focused on a chance career in Computer Software.

Kim Vernon

Remember Sleep from the days of the Electric Circus. Sham said that he'd play at my wedding. He never did.

I seem to remember him playing with a "supergroup" put together by Kennedy Street Enterprises called "Construction Company." Does anyone else remember this band?

Harry Spooner

Hell fwuerkin lo, (John Senior has been dreadin this).   Yes its ME !, AND THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH !.

I was unlucky enough to join this group of Misfits, an I felt good, at first.    They thought we played serious Muzak, an I couldn't be serious.

I just wanted to sh*g, smoke Bob Marley cigs, an have a Fwuerkin Good Time, an I did!.     I got a bollickin from Ray Makin (Parabil Agency) for smilin on Telly (not cool!).  I think the programme was called "Crocodile", and I made Lou nearly choke on his flute solo, ( serves u right for leavin me to do a bass solo).   

Had a fall out at the Cavern (the real one) and was goin to jump on his flute  and John Senior, Sham, and me had a Fwuerkin great punch up with skinheads at St Helens Town Hall.  

Aah the days of LOVE AN PEACE, I Fwuerkin Loved it.!!!.  

I will always cherish the days with u pals, even Gobshite Phil Dale tellin the Cops that the reason smoke was comin out of the van was cos it was a Steam Engine, and they thought it was so funny they made us unload the van, an checked it for drugs (good job we'd  smoked it all), this was near the top of Barton Bridge.   Thanks to ur Sister for takin us home x.  

I would love to be in a serious band again  - I never laffed so much,  It was FWUERKIN GREAT !!!!,  Thanks Pals.  My LOVE TO YOU ALL. XXXXXXXX.  

Harry (the Fwuerk) Greene. 

Where are they now?

  • Lead singer, Phil Dale,  is now an agent in London (Artiste Management Group) after playing in Kandy Park (1970) and Pips Ways.
  • Bass player Harry "The Fwuerk" Greene (once dubbed "a part-time musician" by the Manchester Evening News) is the CEO of Bass Players Anonymous, a motley collection of aging musos whose aim is to increase bass player's IQs into double figures. After a life-time admiring the ladies, seems appropriate he now lives near Bristol.
  • Alan Yapp has a career in Computer Software.

Paul Marshall

Phil Dale

John Senior

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Topic: Sleep
john senior says...
I'd just like to put Harry Greene right about the comments he made about the tele programme. It was called Octopus and was an arts programme on Granada. It was me who had a guitar solo in the middle of the song but when it went out on air my ... Read More
13th December 2014 2:59am
Phil Dale says...
I don't remember drowning out your guitar John, but I do remember you being an excellent guitarist!
28th September 2015 9:00am
Prof Howard Marbles says...
Are you the same Phil Dale who is one of the organisers of The Royal Variety Show on itv each year? I think you are!
11th May 2016 11:43pm
Harry De Fwuerk says...
Dear Prof Howard , were you the one with the Big Shnozzle that was "Only One Woman " in Phile Dale,s heart ? Cos I REMEMBER YOU PAL ! X
11th January 2017 2:01pm
HA says...
My Lovely Pal Jo Senile was correct bout the Croc an de Oct And his Guitar bit was Better than the other ***** Ups ! Would Love to see it AGAIN Cos I got a coloured Telly Now XX
12th May 2015 11:21am
Paul webmaster says...
Thanks to John for great pic of an early line-up of the group.
27th June 2015 7:40pm

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