Smelly Kelly and The Subway Sniffers

"Smelly Kelly and The Subway Sniffers."   That was the name of the Band and we were resident at The Merry Go Round Club in Salford In 1976. 

We took on the gig after being barred from Silklands Night Club in Macclesfield due to complaints from the Management.    We had been paid off by every where in the 60's,  as we were the most unfunny Comedy Band they had ever booked (and we used to Pee ourselves cos we didn't think we were funny either !).    

The best one was Skelmersdale Labour Club, where we were on stage explaining that we were waiting for Smelly Kelly (this was part of the Act) the club was full, and we waited, and waited, and waited, and the door staff wouldn't let him in cos he looked so scruffy.      

We were - Carl (SMELLY KELLY) Sheard  (Keyboards and Vocals),  Graham the Gob (Drums), and  Harry the Fwuerk (Bass and Fwuerk ups). 

We backed many memorable stars, including  Bernard Manning,  Berk and JERK (Brian and Michael), Richie Pitts (who the Fwuerk was he ?) and Bert Scroggins and the Scrotums (load of bollox).   

Honest, most of this is true!  

Harry (the Fwuerk) Greene

Is Carl Sheard the same Carl Sheard who lived in Marple, Stockport Road and formed a band with Dave Holmes, Jimmy Turnbull and myself but never got on the road, alas.

I went on to join Mike Curtis and the Estelles then later the G.Ts.

Dave Ingham

Yes it's all true!  These were my backing band and I employed them.  They were with me for over two years.

Austin Knight

Austin Knight was the compere at The MERRY GO ROUND CLUB  and also did some Roving Reporting for The SMELLY KELLY APPRECIATION SOCIETY   He was our Agent and took us on THE AUSTIN F KNIGHT ROADSHOW  He was a Funny Comic  A band member !!!

Harry (the Fwuerk) Greene





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