Dave Hayhurst lead vocals
Tony Carter lead guitar/backing vocal
John O' Hara rhythm guitar/backing vocals
Terry (Tex) Comer bass guitar/backing vocal
Dave Pepper drums

Like many other bands from this area, we appeared quite a lot at the Nelson Imperial throughout the 60's.We were fortunate to play support to many "big names" of the era, such as Jimi Hendrix, The Small Faces, The Who, Manfred Mann etc, to name but a few.

For a while we also worked as the backing band for "The Chants". later to become "The Real Thing" and also with "Ritchie Rutledge" formerly with "The Cryin' Shames". Both Liverpool based "outfits".

The band split up towards the end of the 60's "Tex" Comer (bass player) and Dave Pepper (Drums), teamed up with another Burnley musician Les Walker, formerly with Burnley band "The Hurt" and went on to form "Warm Dust" with the one and only "Paul Carrack".

They had quite a lot of success with this band in both England and Europe.Touring extensively and recording.

When "Warm Dust" disbanded, "Tex" Comer and Paul Carrack, emerged again as "Ace" scoring a no-1 hit in England and America with the song "How Long"(has this been going on), penned by Paul Carrack.

As for myself, I went on to form "Country band" "Western-Union", reaching the no-1 slot in England with a song called "Backtrackin" and no-24 in the European "Hot Disc" independant charts.

The band later became known as "Bob Morgans Western Re-Union" but sad to say, disbanded just recently in October 2011 due to the current economic climate and the fact that venues can no longer afford to pay for "live bands."

I am currently pursuing my career as a session player on "pedal steel guitar".

Tony Carter

Great bunch of lads. I grew up with Dave, we lived on the same street. The other lads I knew in my early teens. Tex was a bit younger but I knew the family. Great to see them on here.

Catherine Roberts (Bradshaw)

Tony if you are on here again would love to know if you remember me. My maiden name was Bradshaw, I lived on Olympia St. We used to hang out when we were young teenagers. I would love to hear from you.

Catherine Roberts (Bradshaw)

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Topic: So on and so forth
David Hayhurst says...
After the group split up, Terry Comer joined Ace. We received a letter from Decca records stating they liked our Demo of Keep On Holding On and invited us to their studios TOO LATE. After a couple of years I became a compere/ Dj and managed Chalkers ... Read More
18th August 2014 10:10pm
Tony Carter says...
Hi Dave, Tony here!! Great to hear from you after all these years...Hope you are in good health....Didn't know you had crossed the "pond"...Been over there a couple of times myself seeking out all the good music..Nashville, Memphis, ... Read More
17th October 2014 2:06am
Tony Carter says...
Hi Dave, Great to hear from you after all these years. Didn't know you had crossed the "pond"...Been there a couple of times myself, "chasing" all the good music...Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans. great experience loved ... Read More
17th October 2014 2:24am
Catherine Bradshaw says...
Hey how the hell are you Mr Hayhurst. Hope you are well. Long time since we played as kids on Olympia St. I remember whe you were at Chalkers It was my birthday and you told the whole room I was 44 ....I was but hey Dave xx
15th January 2015 9:27am
audra says...
Hi Catherine, just came across this. I lived on Olympia St., back then. Dave Pepper was my cousin - my sister was Kathleen Pepper. Great to see all of this. I've been living in Australia since 87.
12th October 2016 11:59am
Dylan Pepper says...
Hi there! Dylan Pepper here. Great to see all this - you will be my second cousin!
15th November 2016 5:56pm
Tony Carter says...
Hi Catherine,
Great to hear from you, and "YES" of course I remember you. Hope you are in good health.
Regards, Tony.
17th October 2014 2:34am
Catherine Bradshaw says...
Hi Tony nice of you to reply to my message. I am ok living in Clitheroe. Glad you could remember me. xx
5th January 2015 5:37am
tony carter says...
Hi Catherine, It's good to hear that you are well..I noticed that your reply was on the 5th of January, (which just happened to be my 67th Birthday) so I shall treat it as another Birthday card...I'm still playing at this "ripe" ... Read More
9th January 2015 1:06am
Dylan Pepper says...
Great to see some photo's on here. I never knew anything was ever recorded - I ordered the CD from Amazon. Lets hope you guys get some royalties for that. Thank for sharing.Smile
29th November 2014 9:51am

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