Soul Creation
info thanks to Malcolm Thompson


Line-Up included

Malcolm Thompson  
Fraser Waddington Vocals
Barry Shaunessey  
Clive Roberts  
Phil Dale  
Dennis Morton  
Ray Pickwell  

"Along with other bands, we supported The Kinks (in '66 at Belle Vue). We did soul, Kinks, Small Faces, Who material."

Malcolm Thompson

Hi, I was looking on the web checking details of my old equipment and stumbled over the web site. It was fantastic to read about the groups and venues we frequented from being 16 in 1964. I started working at 51 Mosley St M/c.and went on to spend lunchtimes and evenings around town in most of the Clubs.

I was playing in a group around the time I left school mostly in the Urmston Flixton and Davyhulme areas,youth clubs mainly. We had several names, one I remember was "Take Five" We practised In the Labour Party Hall of Higher Rd. Urmston. The Photo's of the group were taken opposite on the building site of the old Empress Cinama.

They were top left Clive Roberts right Phil Dale, Bottom left Dennis Morton right Ray Pickwell.

I went on to play with Soul Creation around town, and to confirm we did do an all nighter at Belle Vue Kings Hall, allong side the Kinks and others.

I was reading some of the stories about Alan Wrigley and I was sorry to read he had died. Alan and a drummer friend joined us for a short while after the Hermits. He was working at Petts farm as we knew it, off Stretford Road and Opposite Ciss Lane where I lived. Alan was a larger than life guy, one lasting memory was him riding a cow through the farm. He would tell many stories about his time with Pete Noone.

I will try to find more info about the group and the Venues we frequented.

I read one comment which hit me and that I was begining to think I imagined it, the places the groups and the people. Thank God I wasn't just dreaming it all!!

Love Manchester always will.

Clive Roberts



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