The Soundcasters

Info courtesy Steve Hunt

Ted Cusick vocals
Ronny Paintian guitar
Steve Hunt guitar
Jack Draffen drums
Brian Wolstoncroft guitar - replaced Ronny
Sam Holmers vocals - replaced Ted
Mike ? bass

Pictured right:

Steve Hunt (guitar, back centre), Jack Draffen (drum sticks), Brian Wolstoncroft.(guitar on left), Sam Holmers (mike in hand), Mike (bass on right)


All the group attended Cromwell Road School, Pendlebuy (now Pendelbury High).

Picture above taken after Ted had left and shortly before they split up.

Ted changed his name to Todd Miller - fronting Todd Miller and the Millermen and Todd Miller and the Prowlers before joining the Joe Loss Orcgestra.

Mike and jack joined Todd Miller and the Millermen.

Steve& Brian joined new band The Suspects.


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