The Sovereigns
Pat Casey and The Sovereigns

info and images courtesy: Brian Hunt

Pat Casey vocals
Arthur Brook lead
Brian Hunt rhythm
Martin Duffy drums
Colin Priest bass

The Sovereigns played at many venues in and around the Manchester area. For some time also we had a female singer, Pat Casey.

Above: front, Pat Casey, left to right - Colin Priest (bass), Arthur Brook (lead), Martin Duffy ( drums)
and Brian Hunt (rhythm).    

The above photo shows the group performing at 'The Wishing Well' Swinton. Don't know where Pat was!

As regards the members' subsequent lives, I believe Pat & Colin married and I heard may have emigrated to South Africa in the seventies, however I don't really know and indeed they may be living in UK for all I know.
Arthur Brook subsequently went solo and had a successful club career under the name Mike D'Corcey, playing largely Shadows instrumental material.

I know Martin continued playing drums for many years in various groups and showbands. 

As regards me, I went 'legit' in 1970 and joined the police (not the group!) and am now retired living the ex-pat life on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

About 3 or 4 years back I was perusing the local ex-pat newspaper when I saw a feature and photo of a solo guitarist called 'Silhouette' who was apparently now playing in and around the Benidorm area. That's Arthur I thought!

Anyway, I found a venue where he was appearing in Bendorm and just before he was due on stage, I presented myself in front of him! I'm sure you can imagine his reaction.

Sadly, but perhaps inevitably, I have lost touch with them all.

Brian Hunt


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