The Speakeasy

Mike Sweeney vocals
Ged McLellan lead guitar
Liam Morris 2nd lead guitar
Steve Barnes rhythm guitar
Ray Stacey bass
Steve Revell drums

Came out of the ashes of The Irwells (for a short time known as The New Irwells) : Mike Sweeney vocals, Ray Stacey bass, Steve Barnes, Ged McLellan, Liam Morris (all guitar) and Steve Revell drums.

Through late ’66 into the ‘Summer Of Love’ we were probably influenced by a combination of The Move and The Pretty Things than any other bands.

Liam left after a year or so to be replaced by Ronnie Grundy who doubled up with Mike on vocals and led to an increase of ‘soul’ type songs in their repertoire (Ride Your Pony, Shotgun Mama ect). We did the usual Club/Nightclub scene and some colleges.

In 1969 Ronnie joined Sweet Chariot, Mike, Ray  and Ged Joined John Parker (ex Irwells) and Keith Jones (ex Sins Of The Family) in the bluesy/rock  outfit ‘Archangel’.

Barney stopped gigging  and Steve Revell joined Stackwaddy.

One thing I do remember is that all the guys in the band came from Salford and we were a bit ‘rough and ready’. Although we wouldn’t have started any trouble …. My memory is that we did (occasionally) finish it !!!!!

Set List: Weird !! The band looked like The Pretty Things, long hair etc. did some blues, I’m A Man etc. but also bits of psychedelica (Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive would you believe), soul and even rock and roll !!!

Big Moment: Headlining at “Hobbs Moat” in Birmingham with the same billing as the bands on the next two weeks after us … The Move and The Idle Race !!!

Fee …£18

Mike Sweeney


Summer 1967 L to R :
Liam Morris, Ray Stacey, Steve Barnes, Mike Sweeney, Ged McLellan and Steve Revell.

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