The Sphinx Trio


Line-up (from left to right)  
Graham Rolly

Joe Harrison guitar
Alan Skidmore keyboards 


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Topic: The Sphinx Trio
Paul webmaster says...
Found their pic in a copy of SCENE '68 - wondered who they were.
4th January 2015 11:58am
joe harrison says...
hi paul I was amazed you found a photo of us in scene 68 I have been looking for that paper for years the sphinx trio we where from lymm we played wedding socials dances we where all 17 yrs old on that photo I am the one in the middle left was ... Read More
5th July 2015 12:58am
Geoff phillips says...
I think there's a pdf of that issue on this site somewhere.
5th July 2015 8:45pm
Paul webmaster says...
Well spotted Geoof - and thanks.
It can be found at
5th July 2015 9:15pm
Paul webmaster says...
and I notice a slim, good-looking Tangerine coloured chappie on the back page.
5th July 2015 9:16pm
Geoff Phillips says...
Yes, that's me. I've not changed a bit!
6th July 2015 3:50am
joe harrison says...
hey guys thank you very much for the link for scene 68.i moved out to Canada in 1976 so trying to find any information on this newspaper was all most imposable I have internet and you guys to thank for that!
7th July 2015 2:20pm

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