Spider Jive
Circa 1975

Mike King vocals/guitar
Dave Barrow bass
Paul Burgess drums
Kevin Bowden keyboards
Dave Lowarch guitar
Bernie Burns drums (replaced Paul)

Born in Spring 1975 from 'covers' band 'TIGER', after Paul Young's (SAD CAFE, MIKE & THE MECHANICS) departure to local outfit 'GIRO' remaining members Mike King (guitar), Kev Bowden (keyboards), Dave Barrow (bass guitar) and Paul Burgess (drums) recruited Dave Lowarch (slide/guitar) to concentrate their attentions on the original material of Mike (Spider) King.

Within weeks the band secured a regular Thursday night slot at the Farmer's Arms, Cheadle Heath soon resulting in a capacity audience. During this period demos were recorded at local studio REVOLUTION.

Come the autumn, Paul Burgess left the band to pursue his percussion duties with 10CC although he did occasionally appear as a second drummer at selected gigs along with his replacement Bernie Burns.

Gigs came thick and fast and there was growing interest from A&M Records. But it was not to be. By Christmas Kev Bowden had departed and was replaced in the New Year by John Howarth, the band also adding sax player Lenny to their line-up.

Mike King wrote a new batch of songs and the band were invited to C.B.S. Studios in London to put them down on tape which created quite a buzz around the C.B.S. organisation.

But C.B.S.' new boss (previously employed by Kellogg's in the States?) insisted on catching the band live before putting pen to paper. After that gig at Manchester Poly they were told 'you're not what we're after a the moment'.

By Autumn '76 Spider Jive had disintegrated with members pursuing other musical interests.



I saw Spider Jive a few times, a great band, CBS's loss.
When I saw them Bruce Mitchell was on drums.  I don't know if he came before or after Bernie.  

Pete Crooks

Hi. I saw Spider Jive when I was visiting from the States in 76 and thought they were incredible. Very dynamic with great songwriting.

Can anyone help me to locate the CBS demos that they recorded back in 75?? Or at least put me in touch with Mike King the group's leader?

Thanks for the help!

Johnny S

Spider Mike King is still playing live and recording - his latest release 'The Blood River Sessions Volume 1' is available from www.distilledrecords.com - a video of the lead track 'Grapes Of Wrath' can be found on YouTube - you can contact Mike via his official page or via info@distilledrecords.com 

David Oldham



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