info courtesy David Bowker

Line Up
Graham Harrop Guitar/bass
Larry Arends Drums
Brian Chapman Organ
Barry Reynolds Guitar/vocals
David Bowker Bass
Lineup as per picture on right (left to right)

Harvey Hinsley (Rebel Rousers and later to be the guitarist with Hot Chocolate) and Sponge's David Bowker - Freeport, Bahamas May 1969

Dave Bowker (Sponge) with Rebel Rousers on Taino Beach, Bahamas May 1969

Bowker, Harvey Hinsley (guitar), Chas Hodges (bass - later Chas and Dave), Moss Groves (sax), Mickey Burt (drums - later Chas 'n Dave)

Sponge, May 1969 in the Bahamas

While we were gigging Rochdale, Accrington and Atherton in the back of a trannie, Sponge were working here.


I had spent the last 4 months of 1968, and the first 2 months of 1969 in Beirut Lebanon - see Kirk St James

On my return to Manchester with the proverbial tail between the legs, I joined the band 'Money' thanks to the recommendation of my old organist from the Big City Blues Martin Tetlow .

Money were about to become bankrupt forever and sadly the gig barely lasted 2 months. Miracoulously another gig came along right out of the blue. The phone rang and I was asked by 'Sponge' who had recently lost Sax man Jack Lancaster to Blodwyn Pig if i was interested in going to Bahamas doubling on bass and sax , with the possibility of me joining permanently, and recording for Deram when we got back..

Well, whadaya think? Off I went for 2 months of sun and madness and ego tripping from all concerned. I did not become a permanent member after this weird little backbiting trip but it was a nice holiday though and we got paid!

After we got back from Bahamas , I split from the band and stayed in London , later to join O' Hara's Playboys in Sheffield.

Sponge later changed their name to Pacific Drift and recorded one album on Deram.

Dave Bowker


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