The Spots
Stockport 1964-1966

L - R   J. Titley,   B. McGeehan, R. Pickford,   T. Meadows


John Titley bass
Roy Pickford drums
Bill McGeehan guitar
Tony Meadows lead

Roy and John later worked with the Impact and John followed on
into Grisby Dyke.

15 May 1965

12 December 1964

Poynton Social Centre June 1965
L - R   J. Titley  R. Pickford   B. McGeehan

Rehearsals at the Cumberland Suite at Belle Vue. Sunday Morning, Bobby Charlton and his 2 daughters watched The Spots practicing - Dec 1964

Rehearsals at the Cumberland Suite at Belle Vue.

Rehearsals at the Cumberland Suite at Belle Vue.

Barry Matkin singing with The Spots at Cobdens (above and below)

Letter from John Dixon, dated on the first day of The Spots’ residency at The College Theatre Club, Manchester

- from l. to r. Diane, John, Joan, Tony, Diane, Bill, Lesley, Roy, Glyn and Yvonne
Belle Vue Top Ten Club  


Right: Tony Meadows, Belle Vue
(Photo taken 20th December 1964)



Recent pics  
left to right Frank Renshaw (Young) and Kenny Dean
playing on stage in ‘Legends Club‘ - 2007
left to right Frank Renshaw (Young), Tony Meadows and
Kenny Dean - 2007
From left to right-Bill McGeehan and Tony Meadows on the site of Withington Methodist church hall, since demolished (2007)

Withington Methodist church

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Topic: The Spots
Paul webmaster says...
Many thanks for such an excellent collection of images, Tony.
14th June 2017 5:45pm
Lesley Jay Murdoch says...
Gosh, Paul, what a walk down memory lane and, yes, a minor adrenaline rush seeing a picture of myself on Manchesterbeat (scary too!), as I wasn't in a group!! The picture I'm talking about was The Spots, with all their then time girlfriends ... Read More
19th June 2017 3:08am

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