Jerry Lee and The Staggerlees

Charlie (J Lee) Barker  Vic Farrell Eric Stewart  Eric Farrell Rod Clair
Vocals Lead Rhythm Drums Bass

"I had left Openshaw Tech High and was working in a small drawing office producing calendars for local businesses when there was a knock on the door.

There was a genial chap standing there and he said,"I hear you can play guitar." I said "Yes, but I only have my acoustic."

He said to come for an audition, and he'd lend me an electric guitar if I were any good. This was Charlie Parker (not the jazz musician), lead vocalist with Jerry Lee and The Staggerlees, a Manchester band who were doing quite well in the local pubs and clubs, mostly with covers of American rock and roll, and right up my street. Their lead guitarist was getting married and leaving the band and I got the gig, and the free electric guitar!"

Eric Stewart

The Staggerlees became Jerry Lee and the Staggerlees when Charlie Barker joined.

The original members of the Staggerlees were:

Les Heaton Brian Craven Billy ?
Guitar Rhythm Drums

Les Heaton later joined the Yaks

A J Heaton

One evening after work Eric Stewart got an opportunity to join a group when he got a knock on his door at home. Standing on the doostep was another boy who he he had never seen before, whose name was Charlie Barker.

'I hear you've got a guitar,' said Parker.
'How many chords can you play?'
'Three,' said Stewart.
'Do you want to join a group?'

Well, of course he did - and Stewart there and then became the rhythm guitarist with Jerry Lee and the Staggerlees, who were led by Parker, who called himself Jerry Lee.

The Staggerlees formed in 1961 and Stewart played his first gig with the band at The Birch Park Roller Skating Rink. The Staggerlees became The Emperors of Rhythm in 1962. Stewart left in Early 1963 to join Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders.

John H Warburg


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