Line up  
Steve Bolton (S) guitar
Jack Gibson bass/vocals
Paul Smith tenor sax
John Wrigley drums

Based in Newton Heath this was a Pro band working the university circuit.

After a few members coming and going, the band eventually moved to London. 

At that time we were managed and financed in part by Rupert Hayes of Harvey and Rupert fame, trendy Hairdressers in Mancester.

I don't have any pictures of Staircase but we did have some publicity shots done unfortunately they have been lost or thrown away. It would be good if anyone has anything on Staircase.
John Wrigley

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Topic: Staircase
Sallie Hayes (Manchester) says...
Hi, I asked Rupert about this, the band he managed was called Wide Open, he hasn't heard of Staircase, did they change their name?
However, he was responsible for the Buzzcocks mop top hair and still has quite a few musicians as clients now!
1st December 2017 3:50am

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