The Statesmen

The Statesmen were a five piece Manchester band from the early sixties, who worked the UK and Manchester Club curcuit.

Headlining in all the major venues, managed by club owner Roy "Garrick"Jackson who fancied his chances as a song writer by writing strange and unappealing songs, Roy set up the recordings with Decca at Abbey Road studios and set up an appearance on 'Juke Box Jury' where they played the B side, recorded in one unrehearsed take instead of his perceived masterpiece.

It was the biggest flop ever with the panel.

The Statesmen moved on from Roy Garrick Jackson to Brian Epstein and began work throughout the Liverpool curcuit of clubs and ballrooms including the Cavern and 3, 4 week residencies at the STAR CLUB in Hamburg working with American headliners Bill Haley and the Comets, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Brenda Lee, and the soon to be famous Liverpool stable of bands including The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Searchers, King Size Taylor and the Dominoes, Tony Sheridan etc...etc...

All the stories about life in Hamburg at the Star Club and the Top Ten Club are true and gave the grounding to the new era of music that followed the early sixties activity led by young bands and musicians from the North West who were to become world famous.

Unfortunately this ultimate success by-passed the Statesmen who continued to work throughout the sixties, seventies and very early eighties as a showband.

The Statesmen appeared on 'Scene at Six Thirty,' the Granada early evening show the week before the Beatles first TV appearance, which lead to several live appearances on varous magazine and variety TV shows.

Brian Epstein did not take up his option to continue with the band due to differences about the future direction of the band, drummer Dennis Halls and guitarist Alan Dyke left the band in the mid sixties which reformed as the ShowBandits working throughout the UK and Europe untill finaling disbanding in the early eighties having enjoyed a 20 year career with masses of memories and stories based on life in the clubs, pubs, ballrooms, theatres, studios, digs, hotels, vans, trains and boats and planes associated with a life on the road.

Dennis Halls



1 Look Around/I'm Wondering (Decca F 11687) 1963
2 I've Just Fallen In Love/It's All Happening (Fontana TF 432) 1964


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Topic: The Statesmen
Ian Fenn says...
The first group I ever worked with was from the Oldham/Ashton area called "The Tame River Boys" The singer was Bernard Bates the guitarist Alan *****. We played a residency at the famous Oldham Ballroom "The Savoy" We used to ... Read More
16th July 2014 9:17pm
Graham Wray says...
Could it have been Kathy and The Statesmen?
19th July 2014 4:30am
alec woodford says...
ray wade headed the band known as the statesmen in bolton. I was rythm guitarist at the time. dennis was on drums and wilf was bass guitar. bernie bates was from oldham.
2nd February 2015 6:10am
dennis halls says...
HI Alec,Just saw your comments,it was a suprise to see your name again,how are you ??
Please give me your contact details I would love to hear from you again,kind regards Dennis Halls
25th March 2015 11:51pm
alec woodford says...
hi Dennis, forgotten i penned this. yes I would love to meet you again to chat about those days. are any of the others still around do you know?
5th April 2016 3:39am
dennis halls says...
Hi Alec,Only just got your reply,would love to meet up,lots have happened over the last 50 years,my email is shown my phone is 01204 270531 I live in Horwich up on The West Pennine Moors,looking forward to hearing from you.Dennis.
8th April 2016 8:49pm
alec woodford says...
Dennis, further to our tel con. Doreen and I are at the Lakes for 3 days on thursday. i will contact you when I get back. Really looking forward to meeting up again. regards... Alec
7th May 2016 4:05am
dennis halls says...
OK Alec,just let me know when you are free,it was lovely talking to you it was as if it was yesterday not 50 years ago when we last spoke,all the best have a great time in the lakes,Dennis
9th May 2016 10:47pm
bernard bates says...
Hi Ian,nice surprise to your name on site hope you are well and still rockin best wishes Bernie::
10th March 2015 6:36am
Terry Liversidge says...
Hi Ian nice surprise to hear and read about you.Rememember me? Terry Liversidge,used to live opposite you on Vine St Cadderton,wow going back nearly sixty years.I,ll not mention the time you threw a wireless battery at a wall in your back ... Read More
8th May 2016 12:58am
joanne Phipps says...
Well what i nice surprise this is! Uncle Bernie i've not seen you since 1995, and Dennis i cant recall the last time i saw you in the Greyhound in Bolton, so nice to see comments from you both. I hope you and your families are well! Joanne - ... Read More
21st May 2016 7:54pm
joanne Phipps says...
Well what i nice surprise this is! Uncle Bernie i've not seen you since 1995, and Dennis i cant recall the last time i saw you in the Greyhound in Bolton, so nice to see comments from you both. I hope you and your families are well! Joanne - ... Read More
21st May 2016 8:33pm
ron williams says...
Used to see The Statesmen at the Princess Club in Chorlton the records did not do them justice were a real tight band and one of the best
20th June 2016 3:44am
Bernd Blue Thorborg (Hamburg) says...
I remember "The Statesman" playing for quite a while in the "Top Ten Club" in Hamburg. I was in a boarding school in those days and came to my home town on weekends to spend my time in the "Top Ten Club". What a great ... Read More
10th July 2017 1:36pm
Dennis Halls says...
Thank you Bernd for you kind comments,we played several times at the Star Club along with the Beatles,Searchers,Jerry and the Pacemakers etc etc and enjoyed every minute,I was the drummer by the way.
23rd July 2017 9:12pm
Craig Dowd says...
Hello, I’m pretty sure this used to be my grandads band. Alan *****? He sadly passed away around 5 years ago
20th October 2017 6:42am
Craig Dowd says...
It would be great to get some copies of his music!
20th October 2017 6:44am
Craig Dowd says...
Hello Alan ***** was my grandfather. He sadly passed away 5 years ago. Are there any copies of the music I could get hold of?
20th October 2017 6:53am

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