Stevie's Fix

Bob Webb bass and keyboard
Mervin Astley lead guitar
Paul Massey rhythm guitar
Paul Cole drums
Steve Johnson vocals

Stevie's Fix was born on November 20th 1968, put together by Bob Webb and Paul Massey who were in a band called The Henchmen and later in1967, The Fix.

The new lineup was Paul Cole from Wilmslow on drums, Mevin Ashley lead guitar, and Steve Jonhson on lead vocal - which made a very great band for seven years, playing soul and tamla motown music.

The group also backed people like the Isley Brothers, Patty Labell, Long John Baldry, playing all the big ballrooms, like Wigan Casino, and nightclubs, and college dates mainly in the UK.

Bob is still playing full time, if you want to contact him regrarding any more info try

Bob Webb

Gigs remembered from mid 60 - 70s

Manchester Cavern
Liverpool Cavern
Jigsaw ( the third band to play there)
The Oasis, Sloopy's and Tony Stewart's other venue, Warmingham Grange, Cheshire
The Place, Hanley, Stoke on Trent
Wigan Casino


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