The Stormbeats
see also Pete Latham and The Stormbeats

Mike Lynch vocals
Ady Edelston lead
John Brennan bass
Dave Foulkes piano
Glenn Oakley drums


The Stormbeats at the New Cross pub, Swinton.

L to right, John Brennan, Glen Oakley, Mike Lynch, Ady Edelston and Dave Foulkes.

The rest of the pictures are gigs around Swinton and Salford, circa 1960/61.



The band used to rehearse in the New Cross pub in Swinton, Glen's dad was the landlord and consequently we started off gigging there on Friday nights.We started to pack the place out with our brand of rock n roll which featured Dave Foulkes on piano doing all the Jerry Lee Lewis stuff - Dave was a great piano player, classically trained and really had a feel for rock and jazz. He also used to do the stand up and dance routine and kick away the stool and start to play with his feet. By this time we had a bass player, a very young John Brennan.

The band soon had a regular following in Swinton and began to spread its wings towards the big city of Manchester. We developed a great method of getting gigs in the Manchester pubs. We would all meet up in town on Saturday wander around the music shops Barrats, Reno's, Johnny Roadhouses, etc, checking out the latest gear. Then we would find a likely pub full of the usual afternoon drinkers, this pub though would have to have a piano.

Then with the landlords permission Dave Foulkes would gently tinkle the ivories with a nice melody, slowly getting the regulars to join in a sing song, filling up the room nicely, and we would then introduce a little bit of honky tonk and rock n roll, promptly ceasing when the room was really beginning to enjoy themselves.

As we made our way to the door the landlord would implore us to continue, with the offer of free beverage which we would then convert into a return payed gig. This always worked and it wasn't long before we had a full diary.

The band played the Bodega, the MSG club,  and most of the city centre pubs that booked groups. Resident Saturday nights at the Egerton, next to Salford station on Bridge Street.

I'm not sure after all this time how the band broke up, I think maybe it was due to work commitments of one of the guys, but I found myself teaming up with another set of musicians from Swinton and forming The Cymerons (originally Eddie and the Cymerons.

Dave Foulkes I think continued for a while using the name Pete Latham and The Stormbeats.

Ady Edelston and John Brennan I think carried on with Dave. I don't know what became of Glen Oakley.

Ady, John and I were to team up again a few years later in The Chapters.


My name is Glenn Oakley and I was the drummer in the Stormbeats in the early 60s.  Terry Oakley, my younger brother, was the drummer with Michaels Angels.

Glenn Oakley

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