The Strand Showband
aka The Strand, The Strands, The Strandsmen

Images courtesy Geoff Parkinson

Line-up included  
Billy Hamilton aka Yorke Hammill vocals,valve trombone, percussion
Geofge Hamilton Valve trombone, vocals, percussion.
Edmund Hutton lead guitar,vocals
Steve Green ?? guitar
Ray Millar bass
Roy Bingham drums
George Hamilton trombone
Burt Robinson vocals, trombone, flute, percussion
Jim Bingham trumpet
Maxton G Beesley drums, replaced RB



One of the most popular and successful showbands to come out of Ireland were the Strand Showband. In the mid-60s/70s, they were the first showband to work in nightclubs in England, as opposed to ballrooms. Managed originally by George Downing (Liverpool) who introduced them to Maurice King (London) who also managed the Walker Brothers, Dusty Springfield, Rocking Berries etc. They were based in and around Manchester, but worked all over the UK and Europe, and recorded with Philips Records. They topped the bill in all the top venues in Manchester, and were amazing crowd-pullers.

Line-up was Billy Hamilton, lead singer, sax, valve trombone, percussion. Burt Robinson, vocals, trombone, flute, percussion. Jim Bingham, trumpet, percussion. George Hamilton, Valve trombone, vocals, percussion. Ray Miller, bass guitar, vocals. Edmund Hutton, lead guitar, vocals. Maxton G Beesley: Drummer, impressionist (Manchester born!) Does anyone remember seeing them?

Burt Robinson

Saw them many times, mainly Offerton Palace, great entertainers!!

Dave Garnett

I remember seeing The Strand Showband a few times at THe Club Royale in Preston.  Great sounding band and fabulous live show. 

Alan Letts

Used to see The Strand Showband at "The Wishing Well" in Swinton lots of really good memories they were a good crowd puller. Had many a Good Friday night in "The Well"

Margaret Parkes

George Hamilton is my Dad and Billy Hamilton is my uncle! It is lovely to hear that people still remember them it makes me proud!

Joanne Wallace

My uncle is Edmund Hutton. The band lived with my family back in the 60's and the address on the picture, Derbyshire Road in Sale is where they lived whilst in the Uk. My mum, Elizabeth Cragg (nee Hutton) looked after them and my dad, Tony Cragg managed them for a while. Great memories!

Alison Cragg

The name Steve Green keeps appearing on this info, as a guitarist for The Strand Showband. He was never a member of the band while it was popular.
I don't think that I ever met him.
Sadly Edmund Hutton who was our guitarist has recently passed away.

Ray Millar

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Topic: Strand Showband
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Ron Turner says...
I remember the Strands, and knew most of them when I used to work at the 'Talk of the North', who were very popular with the audience. I cant remember who was who, but one of the guys had an Irish wife, who worked as a croupier in Stretford ... Read More
26th August 2016 2:23am
Frank Hunter says...
Ray Miller was the bass player and his wife worked as
7th September 2016 8:07am
Ron Turner says...
Hi Frank,
Thanks so much for the reply. Are they still together & living in the UK, would love to know how they are.
Were you connected with the band or friends of there's?

Thanks once again Frank, all the best, Ron.
8th September 2016 2:44am
Frank Hunter says...
Hi Ron , I was their first road manager we all grew up together in Belfast with the exception of Max who still lives in Manchester. Ray lives in London ,Jim is still living in Manchester,Billy lives back in Belfast,don't know where Burt Robinson ... Read More
8th September 2016 8:23am
Ron Turner says...
Hi again Frank, Thanks for your reply. Just by chance I thought I would look up the Talk, and surprised there was so many people on it. I saw Rays message on it to you, and sent him a msg to see how he and his Mrs were getting on. Where in Oz do ... Read More
9th September 2016 5:47am
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