The Strangeways
Line-Up included
Graham Latimer bass
John Crowther rhythm
Dave Parr lead
Frank Garrett drums
Pete Watkiss vocals
Peter Chetham drums (replaced Frank)

Played all over the Lancashire area including Bury Palais and Princess Ballroom; The Boneyard (Bolton); Beachcomber (Leigh and Bolton), Beat City and Oasis (Manchester); Catacombs (Oldham) plus the usual pubs like The Canary Inn, Little Lever and The Grapes Bury, Severn Stars at Heywood.
Four-piece band with Dads as roadies and all initially started going around in an Austin A40 and a Mini Van until we saved enough for our Thames Trader Van suitably covered in lipstick signatures! All this and average age 16!
Can remember rushing home from school to do the gig with the Cymerons at the Oasis as we had to be in Manchester for 6.30pm.
Frank Garrett

Pete Watkiss  Pete Chetham  Ian Latimer   John Crowther  Dave Parr


I was the next drummer with The Strangeways, taking over from Frank Garrett. We loved playing at Bury Palais and had a good following there.

Peter Chetham

I also was a drummer for this band for a long time. Also worked with David Parr At Dixons Ford.

John Stanley

Dave Parr taught me my first guitar chords.  We both went to the Derby School in Bury.  He also brought his Selmer amp over to my house so I could convince my Dad I needed one.  Dave has no idea what he started.  Played full time in Sydney for about seven years and now still gigging and based in Florida.

Paul Bradshaw

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Comments (3)

Topic: The Strangeways
Dave Parr says...
The name of the bass player was graham latimer not ian
7th December 2014 8:34pm
Paul webmaster says...
Thanks Dave - have changed the page info. Appreciated.
7th December 2014 8:35pm
Frank Garrett says...
Hi Dave, 50 years "no see"!
Sorry about the name error (age related forgetfulness) ... Scared
30th December 2014 8:49am

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