Strictly for Cash

Line-up included  
Dave Dansen vocals
Fuzz lead
Paul Turner bass
John Cheetham drums
Rick Henshaw drums (1 gig)
Nicholas Frederick Knott drums
Dave Barrow bass
Robert Tonge vocals (replaced Dave Dansen)
Horse roadie




I am the former artist known as Fuzz.

I formed a band with Dave Danson & Paul Turner. The band was mainly based in Walkden, although Dave Danson was from Irlam `o the Height.

Turner had been in the original Strictly For Cash (at some point), and used the name as the original SFC had disbanded.

Rick Henshaw rehearsed and did one gig - went off to become a Top Gun fighter pilot. The actual first drummer was John Cheetham from Lymm.

Henshaw was the short lived second drummer.

Next drummer was Nicholas Frederick Knott, aka Nicky Knott or Fat Fred - -depending on his fluctuating weight.
We were resident at the Bulls Head, Walkden from Dec 1975 until 1979. When we first played there, it was many years since live music had been played there.

Sunday was the night until mid 76, when Wednesday was added.

It was house full, virtually every night. When the band had small tours, other bands were depped in - usually pals - such as Smiffy, The Trend, Captain Zap, Salford Jets.

A change of personnel occured in 77, Dave Barrow became the bass-player. He brought with him musos and friends from Stockport, such as Pete Maclaine, Sad Cafe.

Around this time Paul Burgess from 10cc, depped on drums as Nicky did other gigs. This attracted more people from South Manchester. The residency was now a musos hangout, as well as regular punters.

We had 2 residencies in Liverpool, The Sportsmans and The Star & Garter. Both were muso pubs where we became good pals with The Real Thing, Supercharge, Liverpool Express and others who I`ll remember in time.

To be cont...........


I would be interested to know if this is a continuation of the band of the same name that I was in in the late sixties.

It was started by a guy called Wolf Montgomery (vocals) and included Derek Carr (drums) and myself Dave Foulkes (organ/bass pedals.

He got the name from a novel of the same name by James Hadley Chase.

Be interested to hear from anyone who has any info. Wolf Montgomery unfortunately died in a car accident in, I think, the early 70s.

The photo for the band was a pound note with our heads superimposed where the Queen was. It caused a bit of controversy to say the least.

Dave Foukes

Just to note that Wolf Montgomery was really DEEK RIVERS from DEEK RIVERS AND THE BIG SOUND. Deek was at this time running an agency, when he formed Strictly for Cash.

Rob Parkes

Yes Dave, Paul Turner was in the original SFC with Wolf/Deke.

He nicked the name Strictly For Cash as it wasn`t being used, and as he had been a member, thought it would be OK - which it would seem it was.

We had that awful scenario that nearly all groups must have - we got together, and each had a list of suggestions for the name of the band - -cue - -big disagreements.

P. Turner phoned the landlord of the Bulls Head Walkden, and told him the name to advertise - - the other 3 of us were unaware of this - -but as usual - the name stuck.

I`ve found some photos of the band, if some one can explain how I upload them. Thank You


I'm Steve Baylis and worked with Wolf (Deek Rivers) Montgomery in 1970 as drummer with his outfit "Strictly for Cash" 

I was introduced to him by the superb guitar playing Vic (Vic Steele) Farrell whom along with Maurice ???? on bass we were for a short time resident between the cabaret club in Oxford Street, Ocean's 11 in Rusholme and some other venue, but can't remeber although it was in another district of Manchester. 

We were unfortunately laid off from the residency because of funds or some reason or other and that's how I ended up with Wolf. 

We toured the US bases in Germany doing two shows a night in the NCO messes at various locations.  It was very much Get up, travel,set up, do the show, pack up, travel then bed six days a week with Monday off.  We did this for a month.  Also on the bill with the tour was a lovely young woman of about 30 from Southport called Cherry Rowland.  On guitar was John Kelman (Ex Freddie Starr) and on bass was Paul Turner?  who's dad taught ballroom dancing next door to their home in Walkden. 

After returning from Germany Wolf secured a residency at Mr Smiths in Manchester.  This venue had a reputation for witholding bands and performers payment (after they had performed of course!).  But Wolf made sure that we received payment every week. 

The line up was Wolf vocals, John Kelman guitar, Paul Turner Bass and me on drums.  There was also the superb saxophonist Phil Chapman (ex absolutely everyone) 

We turned up for work one night to be told that Wolf had been killed in a motor accident in the early hours of that morning.  Guess what happened on pay night?  That's right! no dough!  We quit the jon immediately. 

I moved south to Brighton to continue my musical career and seek my fortune.  Paul joined a Rank (I don't mean rubbish) resident band in York and John Kelman?  I wonder if he still lives in the high rise in Brinnington

Steve Baylis

Hi Fuzz, its Rob.  Just found this site, I think me and Horse should get a mention.

If you remember I think you,d had a major fall out with Mr Danson and kicked him out, and I took over for a time.

Did the Bulls Head with you and had a great time.  Do you remember sitting in a cafe in Sheerness when we got back from Holland and the police rushing in and arresting Paul, who we found out had had to travel back to Manchester handcuffed.  Poor sod.

We had a great time in Holland though.

Love to hear from you,or any member of the band

Robert Tonge

Fuzz was also known as BOFO or BOF for short (Boring Old Fart). It was torture if you happened to be in the back of the van and Bof had been eating cabbage

Nick Knott

Hi, I wasn't directly involved with any of you lot, but my dad is the guitarist mentioned Vic 'Steele' Farrell.

I remember Wolf Montgomery and his wife (Mal) and daughter (Mandy) as we lived opposite them on Chandos Road in Heaton Chapel, Stockport. We were at no11 and they were no4 I think. I remember Wolf/Deek as he used to come home with superb cars and park them opposite.

I remember an orange Gilbern Invader followed by his last car, a silver Marcos, which in 1971 to a 5/6 year old looked like something out of a sc-fi film! He only had that car for a few weeks and of course I never saw it or him again ... I remember the weeks of sadness that followed, even to a 6 year old was not good. My mum and dad kept the news paper report of the accident, which I think happened at the Parrs Wood/Kingsway junction.

Even after all these years this event has stuck with me. My memories of Wolf are of a youngish man sat on his front doorstep in the sun playing his guitar with his silver Marcos parked outside....RIP WOLF.... 

Paul Farrell

Paul Turner, bass guitarist, was with the house band, "Carnival" at Ashton Birdcage in the early 70s'. "Carnival" was fronted by Andy McCann of "Life 'n' Soul" The band then moved to a residency at "The Cats Whiskers" in York for just over a year.

On his return to Manchester he joined "Strictly for Cash". Paul unfortunately died a few years ago.

Mike Waring

Hi Paul Farrell, I was the lead vocalist with The Emperors of Rhythm in the early 60s and your father was the excellent lead guitarist in the group.

I was a good friend of Deke Rivers and really enjoyed his company, even though he did nick my bass player at the time, the late, Rod Clare, but as the saying went, ALLS FAIR IN LOVE AND ROCKnROLL !!

I remember the tragic death of Deke,a nd was at his funeral in Stockport with many of the groups of that era paying their respects. We had both followed similar paths after leaving our respective groups and going into Cabaret and Night Clubs,with myself as compere at The College Club and Talk of the North (where Derek Carr was the drummer) and Deke at the Poco Poco, Stockport, which is where I think Deke was the compere at the time of his death.

I still remember the sadness of your mother, Barbara, on that awful day, but retain great memories of my love rival Deke, a great guy who is sadly missed. Kind Regards,

Paul Stevens

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Topic: Stricktly for Cash
Rob Tonge says...
I'd still love to hear from fuzz, horse, any members of Strictly when I was with them.
8th June 2014 8:52pm
Tam Reid says...
I remember being in Blackpool at the Norbreck hotel and listened to a band called Strictly for cash and thought they were brill ...they played all the songs i was into Thin Lizzie etc and very talented guys ....i had a wee conversation with the guys ... Read More
15th October 2016 11:13pm

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