The Stylos

Original (as picture below)  
Kevin Murphy guitar
Eric drums
Tony Lowe guitar
Ian vocals
Roy Lowe bass
Roy Lowe bass
John Lowe drums
Graem Rennie vocals
Tony Lowe guitar
John (Jon) Yeudall lead guitar and blues harp
Mike Harding guitar

This picture shows the band in 1962 at The Maypole Hotel, Pendleton, Salford where they played three nights a week.

From left to right (back): Kevin, Eric, (front): Tony, Ian, Roy.
The lady was a staff member at the Maypole (probably barmaid and not a go-go dancer).


"The Stylos I saw at many places but mainly remember them from a little club called The Academy on the old Broad St. in Pendleton, Salford.

Their record was "Head over Heels" on Liberty records 10173. They were very much an R & B group."

Carol Chapple

The Salford Jets used to rehearse in Tony Lowe`s carpet warehouse, Bury, many years ago." Head over Heels" is still one of the best examples of M/cr RnB ever!

Diccon Hubbard (Salford jets, Wayne Fontana, etc)

In 1963, having ambitions greater than my experience I promoted a rock night at a club on Stanley Grove in Longsight with the Stylos headlining.

The evening was a complete disaster, but the Stylos were fantastic. I particularly remember their rendition of the Coaster's number Young Blood.

Phillip Morris

I was lead guitar for a couple of years with The Stylos, after Mike left to go to college. We played at the Maypole Hotel (Pendleton) and then the Fusiliers.

In my time we did all the Shadows and Cliff R stuff and then came the Beatles etc. I left when the group went full-time professional. I was the only one married, the only one with a mortgage and a half-decent job, and my wife was expecting our first child. Great memories though of some unbelievable nights. At the Fusiliers - at the height of the 'Merseybeat' era we had two coachloads of Scouse fans came every Saturday night! Hope the Lowe brothers are are well.

Kevin Murphy

I remember playing at the Fusiliers on Cross Lane, there were two rooms. On a Saturday night the Stylos played in the main room, and I played in the smaller room with The Federals. Must have been mayhem standing at the bar between the two rooms!

Chris Evans

The Stylos were one of my favourite bands in the early 60s and performed regularly at 'Pearl Pailings', Princess Street in Halifax.

Colin Wadsworth

I was the lead guitar and blues harp player on Head Over Heels. These days I live in Perth Australia. Three of the former band, myself, John Lowe and Tony Lowe have had a couple of reunions in Manchester which I really enjoyed. We even went back to the Fusiliers in Salford. There are photographs if anybody is interested.

Happy days in our youth. 

John Yeudall (used to be Jon)

I think my brother Geoff used to roadie for the Stylos in the sixties.We are from the Stoke area so they must have appeared locally for him to have met them. He was given an EMI acetate of a song called "Somebody to Love" and I still have it. And I still love the song! Don't know if it was ever officially released but I don't think so.

My brother is now 65. I do hope it's the same Stylos! If someone could confirm that it is, I will try to get a picture of the 45 onto the website.

Mike Finney

Hi Mike

I'm John's son and yes, Somebody to Love was one of their songs.

In fact I was in a covers band (bass Player) some years ago with James Lowe (Roy's son) and we used to cover that song.

Great hearing all the comments about the Stylos, only wish I could have been there.

Gary Lowe



1965 ads for The Academy and Oasis - courtesy: Brian Marks

promotionals courtesy:Carol Chapple

The group with ex-Stylo Mike Harding

On stage at Belle Vue Top Ten Club

I remember one night we, the Beatleague, played on same bill as The Stylos at a club in Prestwich in the longford suite.  Probably about 1965/66. Think this venue may have long gone.

Anyway The Stylos went on and blew the audience away with sheer professionalism,charisma and talent.
Don't know why but only two numbers stick in my mind from their full gig.
"When will I be loved" and a classic version of "Its so easy".

I had seen them many times before at the Oasis club on Lloyd street and various other pubs around Salford.

Being on the same bill at Prestwich and talking to them, especially their drummer, was brilliant for this young 16 year old drumme r(me).

They left a lasting impression in my life and I still talk to friends who spent their lives in the music industry. We all agree that the stylos were a very special group who should have made it big.

When I hear any of the two numbers above, I still think of the heady club days of the 60's with The Stylos.
Any musician from the 60's era will agree tha they did terrific versions of these numbers.

Have to admit that Linda Ronstadt does them well and she looks terrific.

Getting back to the Longford Suite memory, I can truthfully say that The Stylos opened the bill for us to have the audience rocking in the isles.

Nice to think that but in reality they were double booked and were headlining elsewhere later in the evening.

Dave Anderton
The Beatleague

The song Somebody to Love was written by a real nice fella, Brad Newman, a singer/pianist/songwriter in the Oldham area.

He was watching us in a pub on the main Street and mid-evening (a bit worse for wear) came over and told us how good we were etc., and how he knew the Beatles music publisher, Dick James and would get us an introduction.  Well, we took it with a 'pinch of salt' and thought no more about it;  until it turned out to be true!

At a similar time we were being encouraged to sign up with Tony Stewart, the boss of the Oasis club in Manchester.  After much discussion, we decided (badly as it turned out) to go with Dick James.  Why do I say badly?  Well, Dick, even though he was a good guy, seemed to spend all day, every day, answering phone calls from all over world from people wanting to book the Beatles and having to tell them that he was simply the music publisher.  With the best will in the world, he had no time for anything else.

As I recall, Elton John had been signed up by him but was so disillusioned that he left and set up his own Rocket label.

Oh, who am I?  I'm Graham (Graeme) the singer on Head Over Heels and Somebody to Love

Graham Rennie

It's a long time ago but I remember The Stylos played in the  Friendship Hotel on Union Street in Oldham . They were a very good  Rythmn and Blues Band .

They really used to pack em in! They were the talk of the group scene  in those day's.

I remember one stunt they used to pull, one of them  used to pretend to pick his nose and flick it into the audience and  say  "Good Shot right in your Beer Ha!"  I seem to remember that they  recorded a song called " Head over Heel's .

One thing that sticks out  in my mind . One of the group came in late covered in plaster, like  you put on a wall plaster. So good day's those. I also remember the  Belmonts - Freddie Stars Backing Group but the Stylos were  Untouchable , for me anyway !  Mega Band a long time ago.

Geoff Woods

Graham, was gob smacked to see your posting on the ManchesterBeat web site.

Have been e-mailing my old pal, Terry Irvine, bass guitarist in The BeatLeague and The Good Guys, in the heady days of the 60's Salford/Manchester music scene. Mentioned to Terry that he ought to check out Youtube and listen to Linda Ronstadt singing "It's so Easy". She does an amazing arrangement and version of it.

Terry has downloaded it and made it number 1 in his personal top 10. He rates it so much and has thanked me for introducing him to Linda singing this.

Just wish The Stylos were on youtube performing this great number. Your version and arrangement was better than Linda's and after 46 years, I can still picture and hear you in my mind on stage at The Oasis on Lloyd St, singing this number. You and The Stylos did a wonderful arrangement and version.
The best version I have ever heard.

My brother, Pete, also admits you performed this particular number better than any performer he has ever heard.

The Stylos were a terrific group and it was a travesty of justice that you didn't make it big time. Thank you for all the many memories that you and The Stylos have given me.

Am sure many of the contributors on ManchesterBeat will agree with my comments about The Stylos.

Dave Anderton
Drummer with The BeatLeague and The Principals

I remember Manchester 4 piece The Sstylos playing in a club near Falkirk 1965. They had a good pro attitude, all Vox and Gibsons. I'm sure 335 and eb3 bass. Also all in black polo necks and trousers.

My soon to be girlfriend, wife was also there. Next time we met we were together forever. She sadly passed away last year, leaving me and our family devastated. So you see its part of an important memory seeing that excellent band.

Hughie Fallon

Hi, I was roadie for the Stylos for a number of years. I rember that time of my life as the best that has ever happend. I rember the tour of Scotland starting in Bishop Briggs, then to Glenrothes, and ending up at the Beach Ballroom Aberdeen where I now live. I used to live in Stretford round the corner from Jon Yeudall.
We had some wonderful venues such as the Flaming Torch Stoke, Peppermint lounge and the Caven Liverpool, Oasis and Twisted Wheel.

I also remeber we had a gig at the Bluebell in Risley Nottingham and I took them to Risley near Warrington.

Great days,

John [Snowy] Foulkes

Hi Snowy. Graham here.   Great to see your post.  Yes we did have some good times.
I still remember being with you one Christmas / New Year's Eve in your car . . .was a Consul ?  Anyway, it was a freezing cold night and your heater ( if you had one ) wasn't working and we were trying to scrape ice off the screen while you wee driving !

Anyway, how are you?  How long have you been up in Scotland ?  Retired ?
If you want to email me direct, it's It would be great to talk over old times. 


Hi Dave

Thanks for the compliments ! They certainly were the' golden days' weren't they.

Funnily enough, it's only when you start talking about that time, things come to mind that you had totally forgotten about. Not only does it seem a long time ago, it really WAS a long time ago.

Let's talk again sometime.


Saw The Stylos at the Fusiliers on several occasions, Johnny Yeudall was a member of our gang who all lived locally. He learnt to play the guitar "overnight".

Played early giggs at Lostock youth club and progressed to The Stylos. He played football for our team Lostock Spartack, centre half.

We had a rallying cry of "Birds Eye Fish Fingers", weird but a bit of fun.

Lost touch a long time ago but there are rumours of a successful career.

Donald Houghton
St Ives Cornwall 

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Topic: The Stylos
John H. Warburg says...
The Stylos was formed with a line-up of Mike Harding on lead guitar (b. Michael Harding, Monday, October 23, 1944, Lower Crumpsell, Manchester, Lancashire, UK), Eric X on drums, Tony Lowe on rhythm guitar, vocals, Ian X on lead vocals and Roy Lowe ... Read More
25th March 2014 10:09pm
John Yeudall says...
To Graham and old Stylo supporters. For several year two old Stylo members, myself and John Lowe have been meeting up with other 60s players for open mike night at the Astley Bridge Legion on Wednesday evenings. Wed 21st May will be the last night ... Read More
14th May 2014 5:19pm
graham rennie says...
Hi John

Here we are in September and I've just seen the message you posted in May !!

Please let me know when you're next over here. It would be good to meet again.

Hope you're doing ell.
20th September 2014 9:52am
Richard Houghton says...
Hi. I'm told that The Stylos were to support the Rolling Stones when they played the Cubi Klub in Rochdale. Is it correct that The Stylos played that night even though the Stones didn't?
26th May 2015 3:39am
stephen says...
I believe that one or more of the band were carpet fitters. If I am right recall that when I was about 10 or so they fitted carpets in our house. The fact they were in a group-as they were then called- was very exciting to my younger brother and I ... Read More
27th June 2016 7:21pm
john Clarke says...
Hi Richard, I was at the Cubi Klub that night and the Stylos weren't on the bill. As far as I can recall the St Louis Union were the backing band that night and they actually played.
29th June 2016 2:14am

photo courtesy: Brian Stevenson



Acetate for "Head over Heels"
Courtesy "Psycho-vinyl"
Head Over Heels made the top
40 in June 1964.

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