The Sundowners
Wythenshawe 1961/63

Line up
Jack Bell singer and front man…stage name Cliff Collins 
Jackie Martin lead guitar was replaced in late 62
Brian Hayes rhythm guitar
Mike Delaney drums
Dave MacDonald bass
Jed Lennon replaced Jackie Martin

From left to right
Brian Hays, Jed Lennon, Jack Bell, Patsy Ash, Mike Delaney and Dave MacDonald.

The Sundowners
by D W MacDonald

From Wythenshawe Manchester the band spent a brief period of time in 1961 as The Treble Beats. The band was looking for a more commercial name and so changed to the Sundowners. At the same time there was personnel change as Jackie Martin left to pursue a more dance band career and was replaced on lead guitar by Jed Lennon.

Whilst working a gig at the bus club in Wythenshawe in 62 a young girl got up from the audience and sang a couple of songs with us. Her name was Patsy Ash. 

She joined the band but as I recall did not do all the gigs with us. She was a good singer and looked great and soon she was taken under the wing as I remember of the drummer with the BBC Northern Dance orchestra Bob Turner.

We were managed by Alan Wetnall he had been involved with Paul Fender (Young) and the Tigers.

Paul was later to be with Sad Café and Mike and the Mechanics.

The Tigers already had a manager so Alan took us over and was responsible for booking us into some of the major venues around Manchester.

This included the Gaumont Cinema, Oxford Road not long after the fledgling BG’s had worked there.

Others I recall was the Ritz and the legendary Cromford club one of Manchester’s oldest and best nightclubs.

The material the band played was originally Cliff and the Shadows as Jack sounded very much like him.

As the Mersey boom took over musical tastes became varied amongst the band. 


Pictued left: Jack Bell in full flow at some civic occasion in Wythenshawe I think.  Me in the background on a Rosette bass. 

Patsy went off to pursue her own career and with the whole music scene going through a major change the band split up.

Jack Bell went on to form The Couriers with Brian Hayes for a few years then became a promoter.

I joined Dave Buckley and Les Jones to became The Ravons then The Rainmakers.
We don’t know what happened to Jed Lennon.



There was one occasion when we went to see the Beatles who had just released ‘Love me Do’ at the Playhouse Theatre, Hulme.  Jack had a relation who worked there and had got us tickets.

On the night our lead guitar Jed didn’t want to come he had already seen them so we had a spare ticket.

The place was under siege by girls with no tickets.  Jack walked calmly over to a few hundred of them who were trying to break into an exit door and ask if any girl would like a spare ticket. He suddenly disappeared under an attack of females. The ticket ended up like confetti torn to shreds. 

We thought afterwards what he could have got if he had been a bit more discreet and asked one he fancied was it worth a date, happy days.

For all of us this was our very first band a place where we cut our teeth. Mike Delaney joined The Scorpions after the break-up of the Sundowners releasing a string of hit records on the continent.

I joined the Scorpions in 1977 when there was a revival of the band in Holland due to DJ’s playing there biggest hit ‘Hello Josephine’ see (The Scorpions) on this site. Before that I had been a member of the Ivy League but that’s another story.   


With reference to Dave MacDonalds history  on the Sundowners and his comments that he didn't know what happened to Jed Lennon.  Even I don't know  what happened at that precise moment in  time -- and I've often pondered on it.

Of course I was courting at the  time so that interfered with my presence in the band - got married in 1963- a quick burst of having three children one after the other.

Formed a  band called Big Herms Rock-kats - with lead singer Herm Derbyshire playing  rock n roll revival stuff - playing various pubs and clubs.

We were resident for a while at a Bier Keller in Manchester, then drifted out again  -till the 80s and had a  just few more sessions with  Herm Derbyshire.

In conclusion  - retired from playing altogether.

I would  love to hear from Dave Macdonald and Brian Hayes  - my email address is glennon42(at)btinternet(dot)com

Jed Lennon




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