info courtesy Geoff Foot


Geoff Foot guitar/vocals
Rod Gerrard guitar/vocals
David Moran bass/vocals
Terry Rogers drums

Sunshine was formed in 1967, out of the remnants of The Rogues.

Sunshine had a large following in the UK - the fan club was run by Gill & Chrissy.

Their manager was Tony Fletcher from Kennedy Street Enterprises.

Sunshine did many live recordings for the BBC, which may still be in the archives.

Where are they now?

Dave Moran lives in Florida and is still playing,
Rod Gerrard lives in Colorado, still in a band (Class of 66),
Geoff Foot is a long-time member of Herman's Hermits,
Terry Rogers lives in Bristol but no longer plays. He managed the Syd Lawrence Orchestra until Syd's death

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Topic: Sunshine
Brian Pearson says...
Many happy memories with Dave Moran. Paul Fletcher and Steve cooper. Not forgetting 2 great roadies. Dave pearson and paul moran. Aunt Nellies Concoction.
17th June 2014 7:41pm


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