Sweet Chariot
info courtesy Pete Oliver

Originally formed as Dave Barron and the Chariots in 1962, then became Jackie Richmond and the Chariots in 1967. Pete Oliver and Ronny Grundy joined in 1969 - the band becoming Sweet Chariot in 1970.

Stuart Grattige, the only surviving Chariot (arguably the longest surviving Manchester group) asked me could I find a bass player to join him at the Southern Sporting Club. I got ex Irwells Ronnie Grundy.

We didn't even have a name and we won the Poparama contest at Belle Vue in 1970. Everybody called us the Chariots out of habit.

My 6 month residency with the Chariots lasted 20 years, 6 countries, maybe a dozen tv shows and 3 record companies.

Formed in 1958 the Chariots\Sweet Chariot as a 3 piece had over 17 members, and I have written a 30 minute film script based on a possible final reunion. Anybody into tv production contact me at peteoliver@btopenworld.com

Pete Oliver (see also The Irwells and New Religion)

Ask Pete Olly about the time he told Walt at Beaujangles Motors off Regent Rd in Salford that his Bentley would take off faster than Walts 7 litre Mustang Cobra Jet (the car held a street altered record at Santa Pod).

Pete tried to give us a demo - and promptly snapped a half shaft in the middle of the street. How we laughed!  

Worked with Sweet Chariot at Jack Dillon's Lonsdale club using Andy's gear. 

Glynn Buckley

A much later version of Sweet Chariot.


A highly collectable LP - Sweet Chariot and friends

SWEET CHARIOT AND FRIENDS. De Wolfe Records DWLP3230 UK Mono LP 1972.
Light psychedelic pop small group rock beat sounds composed by Peter Reno in vocal and instrumental versions played by Sweet Chariot And Friends - MIKE AMATT - guitar, PETE OLIVER - drums, RONNIE GRUNDY - bass guitar and TONY ARMSTRONG - organ, piano, arrangements. Cool library artwork by Nick Bantock!

Sweet Chariot line-up of Pete Oliver, Ian "Andy" Anderson and Ronnie Grundy.

Was this about 1972/73?  Their recordings below.

CLICK HERE for YOUTUBE of this little ditty

CLICK HERE for this rocking B side.
Who needs Emerson when you have Anderson!

Ian (Andy) Anderson

A friend of mine a long time ago played keyboards with Sweet Chariot for a while, must have been late 70s early 80'. Phil Wareing from Tottington.

He had previously played bass with a band I was in called Happy Apple ( a club trio, two girls and me!) which evolved into a self contained group called Rusty playing pop. He bought the first Rickenbacker bass I had seen outside YES.

He gave me a copy of a record produced by Sweet Chariot with their version of Paul Simon's AMERICA (based on the YES arrangement) and an original on the other side the title of which escapes me just now.

Pete and Ronnie also sang on some recordings at Strawberry Studios in probably 1972 of songs by another long standing mate of mine Steve Foley - and there's a story!

Bob Ainsworth

I'm pretty certain that Sweet Chariot played regularly at The Cumberland Club off Langworthy Road on the Farnworth/Bolton road. My wife and I used to go to see them on a Friday night quite often before we were married, . They were brilliant! The compare was a colleague of mine called Norman Wardle. Norman died many years ago. He sounded like Sammy Davis Junior and was a great compere!

Some groups you never forget and Sweet Chariot are one of them!

Les Marsden

The Chariots did a residency at The Jollies in Salford in the early 70's and brought the house down every time.

Greatest memory: "Somewhere over the Rainbow". Showstopper. I watched them ever since around Manchester.

David Metcalfe

Just been looking at the group pages and seeing Sweet Chariot included,  reminded me of when Pete Oliver first started to play the drums. Pete was a Salford lad and was a regular at the Gaytime Club.

When he first started playing drums he practised in a rubbish strewn room below the club, at the back of Burtons Tailors shop. He was exceptional even in his early days, and it was no surprise that he became quite successful.    

Kenny Edmund

Pete Oliver, Ronnie Grundy, I knew you from the Southern Sporting club. I was the little dark haired girl that used to live facing the club and somehow got in there at weekends even though I was only 14yrs old. I remember Ronnie and his amazingly beautiful girlfriend Lynn who I am sure he went on to marry. Pete's girlfriend was like a model, she suited his car, I know he never went on to marry Beryl. He did eventually marry the daughter of the licencee of the Smithfield in Manchester near Tib Street.

I remember Pete Oliver giving me a spin in his yellow spitfire. They were a fantastic band and should of been more successful than they were.They were slated on Opportunity Knocks by Paula Yates biological father whose name evades me (Hughie Green).

Would love to hear from them. If you're out there hope you're well. Get in touch - Love to you Gail. 

Gail - incorrect email provided

Hi Gail your e-mail was incorrect so could't reply personnally.
Yes, Lynn & Ronnie have been happily married for 33 years now we have 3 beautiful daughters. Ronnie is an usher at Crown Court, Peter is living in Spain, not too sure what Stuart is up too saw him about 5 years ago. 

Lynn x

Heard Pete Oliver singing in a club in Spain just last week.  You could tell he was very profesional  - we all thought he was brilliant.

Thanks Pete.



Many memories of Sweet Chariot at Wigan Rugby club The Dano Bass, Clavioline through a valve Copipcat Superb vocals.
Lovely memories


I just wanted to put a post on here about my Dad, Phil Wareing, whom someone has fondly mentioned further up the page. He's recently gone back to playing the bass and has a Fender Jazz which he cant be separated from. Wish I knew more about my pa's Sweet Chariot days, so would be really appreciative if anyone could let me know anything.

Kate Wareing

Remember Sweet Chariot very well from the mid 1970s, when I ran the Inn on the Bay at Morecambe, they were probably one of the most popular groups to play the Inn, and I booked them often. Another popular act at that time was Reg Coats Experience. My wife Sandy always said, Pete was the best looking guy in the club, hated him for that, but still booked him. Good luck in Spain Pete, if that's where you are.

Ray Brace

Thanks to all the above for your great memories!  Believe it or not I remember you all.

Hello Ray, do you remember when I saved your life at the bay.  You owe me a brandy in Benidorm.

God bless you all.


Just returned home from Benidorm where we saw Pete Oliver performing at the Malibu club. It was a great night with Pete singing some good Bee Gees numbers, Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond and Chris Rea songs and told some funny stories about Sweet Chariot in the 70's.

We had a chat with Pete at the bar and told him we saw Sweet Chariot about 30 years ago at the Memory Inn in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Cheers Pete.

Eddie & Marilyn

Remember seeing Sweet Chariot play at The Piper in Preston, Lancashire many times.  My sister was a huge fan of Ronnie.

Who was the new member back in the late 70's? Told me he used to play with The Walker Brothers.  Was his name Scott? 

Glad to hear you are still singing, fabulous voice Ronnie, "He aint heavy" was my favourite, still have you album Those were the days.

Sue Hall

Remember when I was living in the UK (now back in Australia)  I worked behind the bar.  Sweet Chariot played there quite often (think I was given a record at one stage).  Went out with their roadie for a while (Bryn Jones).  Haw funny days!


I remember Pete Oliver before the Gaytime days. He played the drums at West Salford Youth Club. The last time I saw him he was singing solo at the Lyndene Hotel in Blackpool.


Had some brilliant nights at the Bower Club Stalybridge when Chariot were playing, saw them a few times up there,also at Dixieland in Blackpool where they were doing the Summer season around 1973.

I got talking to them,and they mentioned they also played at the Talbot in Stalybridge, a bit before my time that one, good times.


Spent some time with Pete and his Mrs Laverne in Benidorm October 2010. He's still singing brilliantly with Bee Gees tribute band.

Bless you Pete always  -  love ya

Steve Dawson

I remember Pete and Leverne when they lived in Portugal at THE ROVERS RETURN we had a great time with them and there friends from Manchester, he got me on stage trying to sing and tell jokes then in the early hours of the morning see us off to the airport at Faro.

I have a few photos and very fond memories of the time we spent with them all those years ago please give them my kindest regards, i do hope they are keeping well.

Roy Nightingale

Its so nice to see people remenising about my dad from back in the days.

I just wanted to say, Pete being my dad hasn't told me all the great funny stories from back in the days :) so if anybody here can fill me in on some happy memories they shared with my dad that would be great or if u have any old photos?

I'm immensely proud of my dad!  He is 64 now and still singing his heart out in Benidorm, Spain.  He inspries me and I love him dearly especial when he sings with my older sister, they have the voices of angels.

And if my uncle Reg ever reads this please know I haven't forgotten my godfather - please get in touch!

Luv You Dad xx  - then again he wouldn't be where he is today without my mum Laverne! She is his spinal cord . Uncle Reg, my love if yu read this and you too Uncle Ronny xx

Mercedes Lucy Oliver

I was with The Dooleys in the 70's (now living in Cape Town) and Sweet Chariot were our favourite band! We used to watch them whenever possible, Embarassed to say, we pinched their Climb Every Mountain/Impossible Dream medley as it was so good.

Happy memories of a great band, wish Olly and Pete all the best from the Dooley's.

Bob Walsh

I worked at the Cabaret club on Oxford Street when Sweet Chariot played there I remember Reg Coates and the Boston International Showband who played their last gig at the Cabaret before joining with Paul Gadd and becoming the Glitter band.

Pete had a brilliant thing he did when singing When I fall in love he would take a girls hand in the audience gaze into her eyes then kiss his own hand and up his arm.

I followed Chariot for ages - got everyone I knew to send hundreds of postcards for Opportunity Knocks and they were beaten by some kid.

Anyone remember Ma who followed them everywhere she introduced them on Op knocks they had a hard core of fans who turned up everywhere. Can't believe Pete is 64. I have the most brilliant memories of those Manchester Club days but prefer to keep most of them to myself .

Kath Slater

Met Pete in Portugal when he ran a bar with his wife Laverne.  Lost contact then met him in Blackpool, went to Benidorm in June 2011 met him again by accident.  Went to see Laverne in bar she works, Pete and I then went for a drink.

Going back to Benidorm in November looking forward to seeing him again - he's a cracking man.                    

Tom Short 

Saw Pete Oliver in Benidorm last week enjoyed catching up with his music - took us back to Blackpool where we saw Peter and the choirgirls. His voice is as strong as ever.

See you next year  - all the best to you and Laverne.

Pamela Grey

During the seventies Ronnie, Pete and the lads used to stay at a pro digs in Roker, Sunderland called South Lodge.  It was owned by my mother Carol.

As a group they were an amazing nights entertainment.

Jonathan O'Callaghan

I always loved this band, I sugest sombody makes a facebook page as its the largest social media page worldwide the page would be full of fans in no time.

Betty Smith

My husband used to be with a comedy duo in the seventies called Grump and Gary.  My husband is Gary, the straight man of the two.  He said he spent many happy hours playing football on the beach at Whitley Bay with the lads.

Maureen Cooper

I was a singer all around the greater Manchester area and worked with Sweet Chariot loads of time . They were fantastic. My name was Pat Francis and I did all the 50s and 60s stuff. Worked with them at the Talk of the North and I think the Naps in Openshaw, plus loads more.

Pat Francis

Remember me from many years ago, you used my dog BELLAMY to be photographed on your LP cover......yes I'm taking many years ago, I used to work at Granada and Indigo Recording Studios and yes Somewhere over the Rainbow was the best!!!! Do you remember the band SMITHY!!!!

Lynn Sulivan

Saw Sweet Chariot at the Garrick club in Leigh. Still play album, Pete's voice still sends shivers down my spine. No one else can sing impossible dream for me.  Just wanted to say thanks for happy memories.


I used to work as stage manager at both Blighty's night club in Farnworth , Bolton and Copperfields club on Crompton Way Bolton in the mid seventies along with the compere Ken Shaw. They were the best times of my life and still savour all those happy memories including seeing Sweet chariot . Always thought they were amongst the best that used to appear there.

I remember them asking me if I wanted to join them as a roadie as they were due to go to Japan , but I had a new girlfriend at the time who I later went on to marry but always wondered what would have happened in my life if I had joined them.

Still trying to find out what has happened to Ken Shaw who used to live in Farnworth but everyone I ask doesn't seem to know what has happened to him or where he may be these days.it would be great to be able to go back in time and enjoy those wonderful times all over again and listen to all those great songs that Sweet Chariot used to sing and the special way they used to sing them.

Many thanks for giving me the chance to recall my youth and the many friends I met along the way.

Whispering  John Allen

I remember when Sweet Chariot had all their gear and van stolen in Newcastle during the winter of 1977/78. Some of Pete's drum sticks that had his name on along with a lot of stage clothing turned up in a house in Bradford. After a lot of work, the rest of the gear and van were recovered.

At that time the group were Pete, Ronnie, Phil and Eddie Davies. I had to meet up with the lads at various places and of course we all had to celebrate the recovery of the gear. Celebrations were so good at one stage that Ronnie was able to sit in and ride in a child's seat in my old Caravette and not know that he had done. We had a lot of fun together at various places in Yorkshire and the lads did a full evenings charity concert for us as a thank you for recovering their gear. We still have good memories of that time along with a copy of the demo record they produced.

John Garside

At the time (early 70's) Sweet Chariot were one of the best bands in Manchester. They performed regulary at old Wigan Rugby Club around 1972-76 and also at the Riverside when the old club was done up. I also saw them at the Northern Club, Broadway,and Cumberland Club  - they were regular players at First House Group venues.

Happy days  - I miss them so much - proper good nights out they were.

Colin Barnes

We remember Pete and Laverne, we used to live in Portugal and had a bar also, called Tom and Jerrys. Pete used to sing for us occasionally and we used to go to his bar the Rovers Return. We have also visited him in Benidorm.  Great singer.!!

Madge Farrand

Hope they are all well.  My memories are of Ronnie growing up in Salford at Salford swimming club great times ... then seeing him with the Chariots at the Garick Club in Leigh.

June Wilcock

Hi Whispering Johnnie Allen....How are you matey...Did I give you that name ? Yes we had some great times. I'm in Spain now Nr Torreviaja  been here ten years. Sang for the first 6 and then the recession kicked in.
Still doing the odd gig or two....good to hear from you how are you ? Email me (email webmaster for address)

Ken Shaw

Stuart Grattige died recently. He was a regular at the Eagle & Child in Whitefield prior to being diagnosed with lung cancer. His death did not long follow the diagnosis and he was buried at Stand All Saints Church, Whitefield, on Friday 21 December after a service at OLOG, Prestwich.

Simon Tushingham

When Stuart split from Sweet Chariot he formed a group called GYPSY of which I worked in with Stuart (keyboards) myself Baz (drums-vocals) and Tony Harney (bass). We worked together for many years and a few changes of bass players, due to clubs closing and cutting back on entertainment in the 1990 we went down to a duo called NEW FORMULA which must make Stuart one of the longest musicians from the manchester era. This sadly came to an end when we had the van stolen along with all the gear.

Sadly Stuart died  - will be missed by myself and many more friends and fans of the Chariots/Sweet Chariot/Gypsy.

Baz Hilton

Really sorry to hear about Stu. He was a great guy who I regularly had a drink with. He and Baz performed at the Commercial Inn (Prestwich) for my wife's surprise 40th birthday in 1996.  Stu refused to take any payment off me. insisting they had enjoyed themselves and to consider it a birthday present for my wife.

Jackie Richmond also sang a few songs with them that night.

Steve Braithwaite

Really sad to hear about Stuart fantastic person, he set up my Jackson guitar for me in the late 80's I still have it now and will never part with it. Followed the lads around for sometime had some good times with them, I was lucky enough to get one of their CD's "Stolen Memoirs" 1969 - 2001 play it all the time fantastic version of Some Enchanted Evening. Great memories. 


Just a little update on ANDY (Ian Anderson) who was with Sweet Chariot for quite a few years with Pete, Ronnie Grundy, Stuart and also Keith the drummer.  ANDY has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's however he remembers very much about the band, the good times etc and people.  He has good words to say about everyone and is always asking about everyone. At present he is in a care home. He sends his best wishes to everyone and especially to Harry Greene - who has regularly kept in touch. Please feel free to ring or visit him - he would love it.

Fran Jackson
0161 653 1668

Sadly, Andy has now passed away. Will be missed by so many. Fond personal memories of the years with him in Phoenix. RIP plonk

Paul (webmaster)

Very sad to read about Stuart (Lurch). I was a mere youth working for Jack McCall at the La Petite Club as organist (later became Clan Bar, then Celebrity Club and finally - yes Foo-foo's). I worked for Jack on and off form the age of 14 till about 27. When I was probably about sixteen I first met Stuart. Lovely person. We used to meet regularly in Snacktime the 24 hour "cafe!!!!!!" opposite the Bus Stop club - just outside the bus stop strangely enough where Sweet Chariot (I think they were called) played.

Later I worked for Pete Oliver at the pub he had on Rochdale Road. I know this is about Stuart but just one interesting loop of life is worth mentioning. Pete married the most lovely lady called Laverne - stunning. She was the cloak/entrance/hat lady at the Celebrity Club. I wish I had been just a bit older and made the most of meeting people like Lurch.

Imagine, I backed Johnny Duncan and the Bluegrass boys at Jack's club - it wasn't till years later that I realised they were famous.

Stuart Brown

Oops, forgot to mention the other part of the "loop" was Jackie Richmond was the compere at Celebrity Club.... and I also ended up working for him at the Lightbown Hotel.

Stuart Brown

Great to read about Stuart and the memories of all his friends from 60s and 70s.  Myself and Stuart had thirty-five happy years together, two pubs, two lovely daughters and we are missing him like crazy.

His mate Baz is organising a tribute night to Stuart soon in the Prestwich area.  All welcome for a catch up.

Yads Grattidge

Does anyone remember seeing Sweet Chariot (wonderful) at Offerton Palace in the late 60's early 70's.  I have read about them appearing in many places, but this venue is not mentioned.

Linda Fox

I remember Pete Oliver quite well, he used to come to Salford Market to buy shoes from myself and my cousin Jimmy.  We were the only scousers on the market and Jimmy was a ex-boxer.  Pete's mum used to come and say hello every day and somtimes when Pete was out of town, he would ask Jimmy to look in on her.
I remember Pete giving us free tickets for the Willows, I think.

Fond memories and I hope he is in good health.

Frank Higgins

I remember Sweet Chariot doing charity gigs with Foo Foo n Jack Richmond at my Mum n Dads pub The Broadway New Moston in the 70s. I was only 9 or 10 then. My Mum and Dad were firstly friends with Lavernes Mum and Dad when they both had pubs in town (Alice n Kevin Murray)and I think they saw Pete and Laverne in Benidorm a few times. Happy memories from those days.

Lynne Finlay (Murray)

Pete Oliver......what a guy. I remember rooming with Pete when we were with Reg Coats Combo in Frankfurt. Great times, Great music......rock on.

Bill Clarke

Lived and worked for Stuart and his wonderful wife at the Lake and spent many hours travelling with Stu and Baz in a van.......Happy Days, gutted to hear about Stu thoughts and prayer with Yads xxx

Gary Lawson



When I'm a kid
Ashfield Labour Club
Mozart 73

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Topic: Sweet Chariot
Stuart Brown aka Wilson says...
If anyone has a copy of "Memoirs" I would be grateful of the chance to purchase it. Email anytime. Just noticed a post by Lynn Sullivan about Smiffy - I am still pals with Alan, the drummer. As Mad as a Hatter he is, believe me! I remember ... Read More
11th March 2014 9:56pm
Lynn sullivan says...
Hi Stuart just seen your email from March can you believe.are you still in touch with Alan, yes mad as a hatter, what was his surname?are you also in touch with Wayne Jackson from Smiffy? Hope you are all well. Those were the days eh
21st September 2014 10:14am
Alan Thompson says...
Hi Lynn, Wayne is Ok, I assume that you also know he had a band named Smug Fairies, then he joined my band and we became Gloria Gaynors band, we actually had a gig in Portugal for Spanish, Portugese and Italian TV and during our stay there went to ... Read More
14th June 2015 6:42am
Lynn sullivan says...
That sounds great Alan I can remember exactly what Laverne looked like.....very dark and very glamorous....long dark habit. I loved those days, great music great people. Thanks for your reply.
14th June 2015 7:05pm
Alan Horne says...
Hi Lynn hope you and Margaret are well....still working with Wayne but you'd never believe what we are doing now. Ps it's legal
28th July 2016 8:14am
mike waller says...
can any one tell me if Ronnie and stuart from sweet chariot are still around I would love to get in touch with them again.is stuart still in walkden is there any telephone numbers I can get hold of.
3rd October 2016 3:12am
Ted Johnston says...
Hi Mike....Lynn Ronnie's wife is on facebook
3rd October 2016 7:35am
mike waller says...
hello ted thank you for your reply.there are afew lynns on facebook are they still in Salford best regards,mike
4th October 2016 3:04am
Ted Johnston says...
Yes they are ...if you can get on my facebook page, Lyn is a friend of mine
5th October 2016 6:40am
Alan Horne says...
Hi if you type in Stuart Banham he is on Facebook
5th October 2016 9:29am
mike says...
many thanks alan,i have not seen stuart or Ronnie for 20yrs im going to Bolton shortly.i would love to meet up with them when I go down do you have any contact numbers,best regards.mike
5th October 2016 8:43pm
Alan says...
Try Stuart on Facebook Type in Stuart Banham and you should hopefully be able to talk with him direct
5th October 2016 9:08pm
mike says...
hello alan,thank you for your reply regards stuart.ronnie is getting back intouch so we can all meet up when I go through to Bolton,many thanks,best regards,mike
7th October 2016 8:22am
mike says...
many thanks ted.
5th October 2016 8:37pm
mike says...
hello ted,many thanks got hold of Ronnie through his wife lynn,were going to meet up after all these years.once again thank you.best regards mike.
7th October 2016 8:16am
Karen Winter says...
I remember going to the Dixielanders bar in Blackpool in the seventies to see Sweet Chariot - Ronnie Pete n Andy.
Great nights in there  - made our holidays happy days.  Have got a photo of them with us will try and put it on xx
11th May 2014 6:18am
Pete oliver says...
If the photo is relivent to this site pleasesend it thanks pete.
7th June 2014 7:47pm
Paul webmaster says...
Love you to email the pic to paul@manchesterbeat.com.
SC at Dixieland Bar was great memories - for me, at their finest.
18th February 2015 7:10pm
Brian Pearson says...
Maybe Ronnie remembers running across the M6 with a gallon of petrol for Henderson Chambers Band. Last time I saw Ronnie was at court. He may have thought I was on trial but I was called for jury service. Ha ha. Amazing voice and bass player. ... Read More
17th June 2014 7:44pm
Doris Day says...
Just heard Pete Oliver has passed away. Sad
26th January 2015 4:19am
Lynn Sullivan says...
So sorry to hear the very sad news of he passing of Pete Oliver.Please pass on my condolences to Alan from Smiffy and anybody else that remembers me from Sweet Chariot or Smiffy. thank you Lynn
27th January 2015 12:48am
Glenn Priestley says...
Would you happen to be the Lynn Sullivan that won the 1970 Miss Top Teen competition, went to the Mecca Ballroom & used to live on the Fylde Coast?
18th June 2017 3:20am
Lynn Sullivan says...
Sorry no that's not me ....I was friends with Sweet Chariot and worked at Indigo Studios in Manchester
18th June 2017 1:50pm
Dave Darbyshire says...
Just seen the very sad news on Joe Longthorne's website about Pete Oliver passing away watched Pete and the rest of Sweet Chariot numerous times around the Wigan, Bolton Salford pubs and clubs just wished we could of seen him one more time in. ... Read More
30th January 2015 9:09am
liz O'Neil says...
So sorry to hear Pete has passed away, fond memories of sweet chariot from the late 70's to mid 80's Liz o'Neil. X
4th February 2015 8:51am
Diccon Hubbard says...
So sad to hear of Pete's passing - One of the great vocalists - nothing better than when he sang with Ronnie Grundy = Truly spine tingling! - Will be sadly missed - Had the pleasure of knowing Pete for nearly 50 years = Never forgotten - ... Read More
8th February 2015 3:13pm
Kenny Anders says...
I knew Pete way back in the early 60s. At the time he was playing drums in a band called St.John Hunters. He also played in the Irwells, at the time I was with The Chosen Few. Used to spend a lot of time with him up in the north east when he was ... Read More
14th February 2015 6:09am
Kathleen kane says...
Brilliant comments Came across it by chance Great memories of the guys Met them in Blackpool and consequently became fan club secretary until I married Great guys always looked out for me Remember Lynn very well glad to read they still together Used ... Read More
15th March 2015 11:38pm
Pauline Hilton says...
We have just recently heard that Pete Oliver has passed away ...RIP Pete and our thoughts go out to your family. My husband Peter Hilton managed the group for a time in the 70's.I remember going to see them.Thought they were brilliant. Pete went ... Read More
20th July 2015 1:04am
Bob Ainsworth says...
Just noticed Kate Wareing's post earlier. I met Phil again a few weeks ago and gave him a card with my email address. I haven't heard from him but if anyone knows him (or Kate) please ask them to remind him to send me his email address!
13th October 2015 2:29am
Brian Pearson says...
Just found out andy has passed. R.i.p great man and musician.
26th December 2015 6:30am
Liz Wilkinson says...
It was Andys funeral today 29th great turnout for a very special friend and bestman.
RIP Andy
Gary Liz &Alistair
30th December 2015 3:02am
Kathleen kane says...
So sad to hear of Andy's passing
A great guy. Always looked out for me and made sure I got home ok
RIP Andy
Memories are a great gift to have
30th December 2015 7:33am
carol mcArdle says...
Was a very good friend of (Andy) Ian anderson back in 80's, spoke to Andy 6 months ago on his home phone number after finding out he had alzimers and I was so happy he remembered the happy times we had together like it was yesterday, I hope it ... Read More
29th May 2016 2:19am
Tony Lingard says...
Shocked!..I should visit this site more often Paul..Shocked at Andys passing..one very memorable man and muso..played in a band with him about 1971 and again in 1994 (Jerry Hat Trick Band with Stuart Banham).... Really funny man with a heart of ... Read More
5th June 2016 9:26pm
Seamus Mcloughney (Poulton le false) says...
I was stage manager at the Dixseyland show bar on central pier in blackpool when the boys were performing in the 70s great times,so sad to here about Pete I have fond memories of setting one of the boys up with a yong lady arranging her to meet him ... Read More
12th July 2017 7:19pm
Seamus Mcloughney (Poulton le false) says...
I was stage manager at the Dixseyland show bar on central pier in blackpool when the boys were performing in the 70s great times,so sad to here about Pete I have fond memories of setting one of the boys up with a yong lady arranging her to meet him ... Read More
12th July 2017 7:23pm
Seamus Mcloughney (Poulton le fylde) says...
I was stage manager at the Dixseyland show bar on central pier in blackpool when the boys were performing in the 70s great times,so sad to here about Pete I have fond memories of setting one of the boys up with a yong lady arranging her to meet him ... Read More
12th July 2017 7:36pm
Seamus Mcloughney (Poulton le fylde) says...
Ps did not know about Andy just this minit read it so sad RIP
12th July 2017 7:46pm
Seamus Mcloughney (Poulton le fylde) says...
Ps did not know about Andy just this minit read it so sad RIP
12th July 2017 9:02pm

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