The System

Line-up included  
Andy Davey guitar
Eric Barker. guitar
Malcolm Russel drums
Billy Goulden bass
Neil Collins guitar

The System were the resident group at Bernard Manning's Palladium Club on Collyhurst St, in the '60.

At the time Bernard had 2 clubs The Embassy Club and The Palladium Club in Manchester.

They played 3 nights per week at the club for dancing between caberet acts.

The group also toured military bases in Germany and France.


The System Group started out practising at Limeside Youth Club in Oldham.

They made their first public debut at the Salisbury Hotel in Oldham (long since demolished),they then went on to lots of local venues in Oldham, ie St Marks Church Hall, St Margarets Church Hall Hollinwood, The Catacombs Club in Oldham and various other venues.

Andrew Davey

I was in the group playing rhythm guitar until 1966 when the group decided to do a tour of military bases abroad.

I had a good job and made a decision not to give it up and was replaced by Eric (ex member of the Uglys.)

We had some good times especially at the Palladium club where we saw a good few acts that went onto greater things (Sid & Eddie who became Little & Large).

We also played at Bolton La Canva, great little club on two levels, we played the upper level and did a great set so we were invited back and played in the downstairs area.

Great times, good memories.

Neil Collins

Sadly, Andy Davey, after battling with various health issues, died a few months ago while on holiday with his family.

I had only just reconnected with him in March this year, after 46 years, and we exchanged a few memories and the good times we had.

I had hoped to meet up with him once again but...not to be.

Neil Collins

I remember The System playing at the La Canva in Bolton before it was called the West Side Club. I still have my membership card dated 1964.

Karl Parry



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