The Takeovers

Roy Williams lead guitar
Alan Grey rhythm guitar
Peter Bevan drums
John Matthews bass
Terry Memory vocals

I was at the time the drummer in the local Hyde band "The Takeovers". We used to play at the Astoria in Hyde quite a lot. We played a mixture of the Shadows instrumentals and the 60s rock and roll music.

Line up was Alan Grey (rhythm guitar) Roy (Lead guitar) John (Bass guitar) and Peter Bevan (drummer) Singer Terry Memory.

Pete Bevan

These pictures of the Takeovers band were taken at a venue some where in Denton near Hyde in  1965. Could have been Denton youth club?

Jack Grey ( Alan Greys father ) was our manager.

I recall as we arrived at the club early to set up, Jack was carrying our new band jackets grey colour with black velvet collar and cuffs. And one of the other bands there was heard to say " They must be good the Takeovers they have suits !! " They were good days playing in the band.

Pete Bevan


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Topic: The Takeovers
Terry Memory says...
I was the singer in the band, the lead guitarist who was a genius, his surname was Williams (Roy), John the bass players surname was Matthews, we were all Hyde boys. We played places like Ashton Palais , the Astoria (Hyde), The Hyde Town Hall, and ... Read More
12th December 2015 6:05pm

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