The Talismen

Doug Smith lead guitar and vocals
Ray Stokes rhythm guitar/vocals
Pete (Akers) Atkinson drums
Rick Longdon bass

The band formed around 62/63 playing mainly R n B.

Pete Atkinson left around 64 to be replaced by another drummer, friend of Doug Smith (name unknown).

Played in youth clubs, church halls around Withington, Chorlton, Didsbury. They rehearsed in the cellar of Ray Stokes' Mum and Dad's house on Burton Road Withington.

Doug Smith was still playing recently as far as we know.

They had a keen rivalry fellow Withington band, The Vikings. They also boasted a small fan club of local girls.

Pete Atkinson bought his first drum kit from Johnny Roadhouse where he had lessons with Bob Turner (the Northern Dance Orchestra drummer) much to his disappointment he was given practice pads instead of a full kit to learn on.

John Atkinson



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