TD and the Shakeouts

The band were from Oldham and originally called the Nashville Men. In 1963 they changed their name to avoid confusion with the Nashville Teens.

Ian Goodall lead singer/guitarist
Ian Fenn piano
Pete Brooks bass
John Kirkham drums
Barry Satchelle replaced John on drums

In 1963 the band went to London to do a studio audition with Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders and Johnny Peters & The Crestas - no need to guess who got the recording contract!  The band came home and carried on working on the road.

In Febuary 1964 the band went to London to Pye Piccadilly Records to record a song called "IS IT TRUE".

Penned by  Ian, the A/R was Ray Horrocks, who did all Joe Brown's recordings, sadly "IS IT TRUE" ended up as very nice plant pots (Paul: probably a mistake as worth money now!)

Courtesy Harry Procter, who adds

Just after the band going to London in 63, I was asked by Tony Stuart who owned The Oasis on Lloyd St M/C to go and work for him and road manage for Red Hoffman & The Measles. I stayed with them til the winter of 1964, then went on to work at Warmingham Grange Country Club till 1968, then onto Mr Smiths in Manchester. 

Then in 1969 worked for Mr D Flood at the Broadway Club Oldham Rd Failsworth. But that is another story!!.

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Topic: TD and The Shakeouts
Ange Leary says...
This old documentary about Oldham has just emerged showing TD playing, my Dad (Ian Goodall) on guitar and singing! Please add this like to your site. Thanks
17th February 2015 9:29am
bernard bates says...
Hi Ange I think your dad also played with me in the Tame river boys along with Ian Fenn but it was a long time ago.My best wishes to you and your dad Bernie Bates
21st March 2015 1:28am
Ian Goodall says...
Hi Bernie. I joined the Tame River Boys as replacement guitarist for (I think) Alan ***** ?-who was much better than me, but it was you, Bernie, who gave me the confidence to stand forward and sing harmonies . I'm really grateful for that as I ... Read More
20th April 2015 3:13am
Hi Ange, do you rember me harry the td shakeouts road manager? please give Ian my regards, I still keep in touch with Ian Fenn. REGARDS TO ALL HARRY PROCTER
17th April 2015 6:10pm
harry procter says...
Dear Angie, could you please let Ian know that John Kirkham died on the 15/08/2015 ,thank you Harry Procter.
6th November 2015 10:27pm
Ian Goodall says...
Hello Harry, Thank you for letting me know that. I haven't responded earlier as I've had a bad year with illness, which I hope is being resolved. I recently played guitar for a light operatic society in a church in Wilmslow but have done ... Read More
7th November 2015 4:45am
harry procter says...
thanks for your email, its good to hear you are in good health, how about meeting up for a coffee/beer chin wag ok.
7th November 2015 9:12pm
Keith Rowland (Orpington) says...
I worked with Pete Brooks at Laing on Oldham rd and would watch him play at the Oasis club
23rd August 2017 9:13am

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