The Three Aces
Radcliffe, Bury

I was looking on your website through the A-Z listings of the bands on the Manchester circuit in the 60’s as I am looking for information on a band that my dad played drums in called ‘The 3 Aces’ for a few years from the early to mid 60’s. My dad reckoned they were popular and always had a front row full of young ladies(but then he would)

All I can tell you really is that they hail from the Radcliffe/Bury area and that ‘Michael Haslam’ was their lead singer, he later went on to find a modicum of fame as a crooner and supported the Beatles on one of their UK tours (Helen Shapiro started off as the headline until the Beatles replaced her as their single went to number 1 during the tour).

I would love to find out more so if you can shed any light on any of this then I would be very very grateful

Glenn Siddall


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