Tom and Smiley

Tom Travis guitar/vocals
Tom Bowker guitar/vocals
Session guys for album Tom and Smiley ' Country Style' SAGA records
Nick Strutt Mandolin
Brian Golbey Fiddle
Brian Booth upright bass




Dug out my brother's LP. It's called Tom and Smiley ' Country Style ' their second release  on SAGA Records, one of those budget labels, like MFP or Pickwick. You could pick em up anywhere - Woolies or down the paper shop, Boots, anywhere!    

Their first one was called 'The Bluegrass Sound Of Tom And Smiley' (just the two guys) and apparently  really sold well .

Then they did this one (Country Style) after which they put out  a 'Best Of' so they must have sold a few units.

David Bowker

Tom Travis is still playing Bluegrass and runs a Bluegrass club in the Stockport area.  Tom Bowker (Smiley) played mostly 5 string banjo but could play almost anything with strings on it.  He went on to play Dobro with PJ Proby.  Brian Booth, who played bass with Tom and Smiley, still plays with Tom Travis from time to time. Tom Travis, Brian Booth and I all worked for the same advertising agency in Manchester in the 60s; Smiley worked for a different agency.

Tom and I did duo gigs from time to time and Brian sometimes gigged with a quartet that I was with.  Later, in the early 70s, Tom and I got together again in a band called 'Spice' that was recorded by Roy Crewdson, late of the Dreamers.

Pete Crooks

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Topic: Tom and Smiley
Roy Conchie says...
I too worked for the same advertising agency which was 'Cross Courtenay'. I took the photograph on this album cover(and the one previous). This picture was shot just over the Snake Pass towards Sheffield. There was snow all around. The first album ... Read More
24th February 2016 9:56pm
Andrew Alan Cameron (Stirling) says...
Tom Bowker (Smiley) gave me my first job at Phillips Publicity, Sunlight House, Manchester...1966/7 (about)
I played a Harmony, Tom Played a Dobro at his flat...all night!
Does he remember me then as Alan Spencer?
15th December 2017 6:37am


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