Tony and The Presidents

Line-up #1
(as pictured top to bottom)
Tony Blackburn vocals
Gordon Rennie guitar
Dave Wallwork bass
Barrie Seddon guitar
Sadly name forgotten drums
Line-up #2
(as pictured left to right)
Barrie Seddon guitar
Lance Kelly drums
Dave Wallwork (back) bass
Alan Southern  
Gordon Rennie guitar
Tony Blackburn (front) vocals

Info/images courtesy Barrie Seddon

Left to right Lance, Dave, Barrie, Joe, Gordon.
Don't remember where this was taken, Tony had left and I took on the vocals.
I think this was the start of the De Straads!!

The first line-up

Line up #2

From left to right
Tony Blackburn, Gordon Rennie, Dave Wallwork, Lance Kelly, Alan Southern, Barrie Seddon
This was taken at the Night Owl Club Walkden I think!

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Comments (4)

Topic: Tony and The Presidents
Paul webmaster says...
Hi Barrie - Many thanks for great pictures - all we need now is your story!
Much appreciated.
18th January 2017 11:03am
Barrie Seddon says...
On one of the pictures it has got Lance Kelly as the drummer, it should be Alan Southern. Cheers baz.
16th March 2017 6:10am
mark todd (Manchester) says...
S. Todd was my dad, Sydney Todd, the band's manager and the address on the Business Cards is our house where I was born! Alan Southern, the drummer, lived next door but one
Today 4:29am
Colin todd (Lincoln via Manchester) says...
Al southern used to cut my hair.
My dad was Std and I was born at the address shown in July 1965
Today 5:07am

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