The Trek
info thanks to Ray Costello

Ray Costello (foreground) and Ian Chadderton
at Bootle Conservative club 1967.


Ray Costello Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Ian Chadderton Bass/Vocals
Brian Milsom Lead Guitar
Mike Davies Lead Vocals
Tony Davies Drums

"For the Equipment freaks, Ray is playing a Davoli guitar. It was a hollow fibreglass body and the kneck was made of aluminum and coloured blue and white. They are quite rare now, though I have since passed the guitar on. Ian is playing a Framus Bass Guitar, Sunburst Red. The amplifiers are a ‘Bird’ with reverb and a ‘Vox AC30’ Top Boost."

Ray Costello

Both Ian Chadderton and Ray Costello are now session musicians and play under the name of ‘The Gribleys’. Most of their work is studio based although they still write, play and record.

Gigs remembered includes:

  • The Rakers Return, New Brighton Football Club. ( We gigged here alongside a Glass and Fire Eater!)
  • Wallasey Village Hall
  • The Bee Hive Club. Birkenhead
  • Orrell Park Ballroom
  • Bootle Conservative Club
  • Leasowe Roller Stadium
  • The Casino Liverpool
  • Poulton Victoria Club – Wallasey



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