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The Vincents --- Rolling Stones 50thAnniversary of playing in Urmston

Friday 29th November 1963, the Rolling Stones played at Urmston Public Baths!

50 years later, to the very day, Urmston remembered this historic event with premier tribute band ‘The Stones’ playing at the Flixton Academy (The Curzon building) which, given that Urmston baths was demolished in the 1970s, was the closest possible venue to the original – literally a ‘stones throw’ away!

Following the highly successful 50th Anniversary of The Beatles playing in Urmston concert, held in August in Abbotsfield Park, The Vincents were invited to open the ‘Stones’ commemorative event held at Flixton Academy on Friday 29th November 2013.

This is a much smaller, more intimate, venue with a maximum capacity of about 400. Whilst the event was not a sell out the 300+ who attended were treated to a great evening of nostalgia  and rock ‘n’ roll, as the years were rolled back to those wonderful days of the ‘60s.

The Vincents opened with a one hour set, covering lots of favourites from Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Searchers, The Kinks,
Chuck Berry and even lesser known hits of the time such as Louie Louie (The Kingsmen)- along with many more.

Sound and lighting – provided by Manchester P. A. – were of the highest order and enabled the whole event to be another great success.

Hopefully, in the near future, footage of The Vincents set will be available on You Tube.
Watch this space!

After all it is momentous if, for no other reason, there are not many bands around and still working who can claim to have played with ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Stones’ in the same year!

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Topic: The Vincents
Paul webmaster says...
Great pages - great story and images. My thanks Pete.
16th June 2014 8:29pm
Peter Lawler says...
Never really knew the true history of the band but remember a certain night in Newcastle,
Thanks Pete.
24th October 2015 10:00am
Pete Royle says...
Hi Pete, Great to hear from you:. You may have noted that we are back together now and have been playing widely in the area for the past 3 or 4 years. It would be great to get together for a full update of the intervening 50 years! Let me have your ... Read More
31st October 2015 3:09am
Peter Lawler says...
Pete, email me at
7th November 2015 11:03am
Peter Lawler says...
Pete, email me at, it would be good to see you all again.
7th November 2015 11:28am
Peter Lawler says...
Pete, Nice to hear from you, email me at, and I'll give you my number, be nice to have a chat.
7th November 2015 11:08pm
Peter Lawler says...
You can get in touch with me at this email address,, it would be great to see you all again,
Peter Lawler.
10th November 2015 6:51am
Mark Dunning says...
I knew Brian O'Donoghue when he was playing with a trio at the Junction Inn in Whitefield, circa 1972-73. The landlord was Harry Allen who once served as a public hangman. Brian was a great guy who let me strum a few chords on his Strat. When my ... Read More
10th January 2016 10:22am

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