Vortex Five

Brian Garnett Vocals & Percussion
Jim Hollingsworth Lead Guitar
Bob Theobald Rhythm Guitar
Gordon Ross Bass Guitar
Alan Forbes Drums

All the group members lived in Cheadle, Cheshire and came together through the North Park Youth Club, Bramhall. 

The youth club was formed by Constable John Roberts who was also instrumental in getting the group together, even arranging their first gig at a theatre in Llandudno.

Back Row: Alan Forbes, Gordon Ross
Front Row: Brian Garnett, Bob Theobald, Jim Hollingsworth.


The group performed throughout the sixties in the Greater Manchester Area.

Brian Garnett adds:

After I left and moved to London I started a group called Brian Winchester & The Confederates. At this time the original Vortex Five had changed their group name to Four Shades of Black, however after I disbanded the original group, The Confederates and moved to Australia, my mates must have liked the 'Confederates' name, does have a nice ring to it, and decided to use it.

The original members of the Vortex Five were truly unique and all excellent musicians in their own right, however as stated by Brian Higham on the Bobby Laine and The Confederates page, Bob Theobald could be a bit cantankerous and disruptive, even to the stage of coveting another member's girlfriend. (Smile).

Duncan had joined the Vortex Five after Gordon Ross went AWOL prior to a gig at Llandudno. He was big, awkward looking but so laid back, he was however an excellent bassist.

Jim Hollingworth was not only a fabulous lead guitarist, he was adept at covering the fact that the Vortex Five were without a bass guitarist for a while by somehow(?) adding in bass components. Brilliant!

Alan Forbes, diminutive but definitely had the "WOW" factor. Proberbly one of the best skin pounders I've come across in almost 40 years in the 'scene'.

Be interested in re-establishing contact with any of the original Vortex Five members by email at garnett1941@iinet.net.au

Great lads, great group.

Brian is now in Australia and sent the following info about a great night.





Brian to-day - like the shirt BG!


The first group we formed was “The Vortex Five” in 1961. We used to play at the Long Lane Chapel,
 I remember getting our first booking at Bramhall Hall.

Bob Theobald (Bobby Laine)


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