The Vulcans

Line-up included
Johnny Sharples vocals/lead guitar also bass/vocals
Tony Ivors rythmn/lead guitar
Geoff Bowdler drums
Graham Yates bass
Malc Hurst vocals
Tony Cooper vocals
Allan Wright rhythmn guitar

Malc Hurst

Jimmy Anderton

Allan Wright

John Sharples


When I became a member the line up was

John Sharples -bass/vocals
Tony Ivors - lead guitar
Allan Wright - rhythm guitar
Geoff Bowdler - drums
Tony Cooper - vocals

The band played Beatles, instrumentals and Jerry Lee Lewis songs sung by John Sharples.

Later on Tony Ivors said good bye to the group so Allan went on lead guitar and a guy called Jimmy Anderton came in on rhythm guitar. Jimmy was a big Billy Fury fan. Pople that knew Jimmy will tell you he sounded just like him.

As time went on Tony Cooper left and Malc Hurst came into the band, so the music changed and we started to play the blues.

We played a lot in Sheffield but went under the name of The Raves, something our agent said was a better name. I liked the music we played but l dont think it was Jimmys cup of tea so he left.

S o we needed another guitarist thats when Bernard Southern came in playing lead and rhythm guitar.  Bearnard was  an old friend that I learned guitar with in the old Church Inn days.

The line up stayed the same  - then John left and a guy called Jaspers played bass for a short time before the band broke up and we all went our seperate ways.

Where are they now?

Geaff Bowdler went to New Zealand and played with a top band. l got a phone call from his mam saying he was back in England but was not very well l went to see him,shortly after he passed away.  He was only 40.

Jimmy Anderton  - didn't see Jimmy for years then saw him in Astley Hospital. Jjimmy was only 41 when he died. I bet he's done some singing with his mate Billy.

John Sharples - did'nt see John For years with me liveing  in Wales then l got to know he had passed away. John was 60  - never got to say good bye.

Malc Hurst is liveing down south still giging

Tony Cooper dont  know about Tony never seen him .

Bernard Southern still playing l catch up with him now and again.

Allan Wright - I'm still in North Wales.

Allan Wright


The group was excellent, second only to Leighs other principal group
the "Beat Boys" .

The Vulcans main venue in the early days was the Parish Youth Club in Leigh on a sunday night which was filled to capacity and buzzing with action.

The group played the popular hits of the time which included Shadows instrumentals, Beatles, merseybeat, etc. They also played excellent versions of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard songs with
Johnny Sharples on vocals and lead guitar.

Watkins Rapier guitars were used on lead and rhythm, bass was a Hofner solid.

The later line up was Bernard Southern, Alan Wright and vocalist Malc Hurst.  

John Doward

Just read about the late Geoff Bowdler's Kiwi connection. The top band he was in down here was called Schtung, they released an album and were very popular for a time. Just like to say, I have enjoyed reading your site, I wish we had one like it for Christchurch here in New Zealand.

A bit of background, I am the bass player in a trio called "Good Grief". Our drummer is an expat Brit, Phil Colgate, I think he comes from the London area. Keep up the good work


I'm the Tony Cooper refered to in the pages.  Brings back great memories of good times with a set of lads who lived for the music of the time.

Sad to hear of the death of Geoff but was able to attend the funeral of Johnny.Like it says in the article most of the music we played back then was from the hits of the late fifties and early sixties.

It's Ironic really that I've just been e-mailed these pages of the Manchesterbeat by a member of the current band I'm now playing with.

The ex-drummer of one of my former bands asked past members to get together for a one off show for his Golden Wedding. Playing all the old hits of the past we went down rather well, so much so that we have been approached by one or two agents .Being the age we are this didn't appeal but we are still carrying on doing charities and will be out rocking this coming Satureday for Handicapped children. The name of the current band is -----REUNION. Give us a look if you are in the area.    


Tony Cooper

Geoff Bowdler

Well l finally caught up with Tony Cooper after 50 years, 
it was nice to hear from him again.

He tells me he's still rocking at the tender age of ?
and he looks the part.

The band are doing charity work which is great.

Keep on rocking Tony.

Allan Wright

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Topic: The Vulcans
stephen unsworth says...
thank you for the music. I was a young teenager doing all the youth clubs around Leigh in the early 60s.must have seen you play a hundred times.You had to learn so many songs in such a short time to perform them as soon as they hit the charts.happy ... Read More
6th June 2016 8:13am
Tony Cooper says...
Hi.Stephen.Glad that your youth was as enjoyable as mine playing with the Vulcans.Sadly three members of the original band are no longer with us,Tony lead guitar,Johnny bass guitar and Geoff on drums.Like my earlier post says I'm still knocking ... Read More
16th June 2016 8:39am
stephen unsworth says...
HI Tony,got a caravan in Towyn NorthWales. We get a lot of older rock and roll bands working in the area.Are you doing any gigs in the area this year? Love to watch you.Steve.
13th April 2017 9:11am
Tony Cooper says...
Hi Stephen.We are still giging but are on hold at the moment as our lead guitarist has just had an operation.We only usually do locally or on odd occasions might travel if its viable.Not traveled as far as north Wales though but you never know.Maybe ... Read More
14th April 2017 2:38am

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