The Weys

Colin Taylor Lead Vocalist, Harmonica   
Baz Speed Lead Guitar, Vocals
Fred Burgess Bass Guitar, Vocals  
Pete Lyons Drummer

The Weys were formed in 1964 by Baz Speed and Pete Lyons who had played together in a previous band. They were joined by Fred Burgess, Bass Player/Vocalist and played gigs as a Trio for a few months to fulfil pre booked venues.

The photograph as a Trio was taken at the Waterloo Hotel in Cheetham Hill where the band often had to duck flying chairs and the odd body as fights frequently broke out. “Good Fun Rock ‘n Roll.” The band always managed to remain unscathed.

They eventually advertised for a Front man vocalist and were joined by the personable Col Taylor who also played a mean blues harmonica.

They played all the popular clubs and pubs around Manchester including the Oasis, Jungfrau, Twisted Wheel. Bury Palais, Bolton Palais, Sale Locarno, Stamford Hall (Altrincham) supporting many top groups. Due to an increased volume of gigs they recruited a Road Manager JEM LEES who became an integral part of the band.

Memorable gigs were The Forty Thieves all - nighter in Manchester where they performed rock and blues on alternative Saturday’s from 12 till 5 in the morning. Manager of the Forty Thieves was Dicky Ewan who was quite a character around Manchester.

At the Queens Ballroom in Cleveleys they supported The Rocking Vicars who included the late Lemmy. Raucous vocals accompanied by amplification of a 1000 decibels.

Late 1965 the band passed an audition at the College Club, Manchester, to tour the Star Clubs in Germany and in March 1966 they left for a six week gig. Fred was not able to go due to other commitments and he was replaced by Bass Player John Lord from Bury.


At the end of their 1st week at the Star Palast in Kiel the owner Manfred Woitella tried to dock a considerable amount from their fee due to what he termed misdemeanours. Baz and Pete, pleading lack of funds to travel to the next gig confronted him in the attendance of his two large henchmen and managed to secure the major part of their fee which they promised to pay him back before they went home. Due to this and the exhausting 5 hour stints every night  John Lord wanted no further part in the tour so without a Bass Player the band had no option other than to do a runner for home.

The Manchester Evening Chronicle carried a report that the band had apparently gone missing in Germany.  On returning home they disbanded.  

  • Manfred Woitella never got the fee refunded.
  • Pete Lyons is still drumming with various bands around Dublin.
  • Baz turns out for the occasional gig and keeps in touch with Fred to reminisce about a Great Era for music.

Barry Speed

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Topic: The Weys
gordon burnell (north wales) says...
Hi, I remember playing lead guitar with the Weys on a gig or two when their lead guitarist was ill, The Stamford Hall gig was a great sound my Vox ac 30 was on full volume playing midnight hour after a quick run through in the changing room. I was ... Read More
10th September 2017 7:02am

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