Bernard Basso Graham Gouldman Steve Jacobson Mo Sperling Malcolm Wagner Stephen Pollock
lead guitar rhythm guitar bass guitar drums organ/vibes guitar and vocals

The Whirlwinds were formed in 1963 by 17 year-old Graham Gouldman on rhythm guitar (b. Graham Keith Gouldman, May 10, 1946, Broughton, Salford, Lancashire, UK), with Malcolm Wagner on vibes, organ, Mo Sperling on drums, vocals (b. Maurice Sperling died 2014) and Phil Cohen. Later they were joined by Steve Jacobson on lead guitar, bongos (born Steven Jacobson), Bernard Basso on bass. 

Jacobson was a next door neighbor to Lol Creme (b. Laurence Neil Creme, September 19, 1947, Prestwich, Lancashire, UK) lead guitarist in The Sabres. 

The band rehearsed at The Jewish Lads Brigade, which was also known as The Jewish Alliance Brigade a local Jewish Youth Club in Manchester, Lancashire, the same place as other local bands, Group 17 and The Sabres also rehearsed. They were also the house band here, and it was here, that Gouldman met The Whirlwinds future manager one Harvey Lisburg, who was then at Manchester University, studying for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Commerce.  

Wagner and Basso were in the same year at Heys Boys Secondary School in Prestwich, Lancashire. In 1957 Gouldman had brought his first guitar and also gone to North Salford Secondary School in Salford, Lancashire, having before that gone to Sedgley Park Country Primary School from 1951. Gouldman had been in a number of bands before The Whirlwinds: The High Spots, The Cravattes and The Planets. Kevin Godley (b. Kevin Michael Godley, October 7, 1945, Prestwich, Lancashire, UK), who would later play with Gouldman in Hotlegs (1970 - 1971), 10cc (from 1972), had also gone to Sedgley Park School.

The band secured a recording contract with HMV and recorded a Buddy Holly song ''Look At Me'' and ''Baby's not Like You,'' written by Lol Creme (b. Laurence Neil Creme, September 19, 1947, Prestwich, Lancashire, UK), who was drummer in The Sabres

The Whirlwinds lasted until Late 1964 when Gouldmen dissolved the band and in February 1965 he formed The Mockingbirds

John H. Warburg


UK 45s

Friday, May 22, 1964 Look At Me/Baby's Not Like You HMV POP 1301 

Some Whirlwinds concerts: 

Whit Monday, June 1, 1963: The Kingfisher, 25a Warren Street, Andrew Square, Stockport, North East Cheshire, UK 

Saturday, November 16, 1963: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

Sunday, December 15, 1963: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

New Years Eve, Tuesday, December 31, 1963: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK, with The Mojos, The Wailers 

Saturday, March 7, 1964: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK, with Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions

Sunday, April 30, 1964: The Twisted Wheel Club, 30 Brazennose Street, Manchester 2, Lancashire, UK

Record Mirror 15 June 1963


My first encounter with a real guitar was whilst tagging along with my Mam during school holidays to her cleaning job at the Jacobsons in Prestwich circa 1959/60 - we lived in the prefabs in Heaton Park.

Steven was often around the house and used to play for me, usually 'Walk Right In' amonst others. I remember taking an illicit peek into a hard guitar case to reveal a brand new Fender Strat in red and white. Fabulous.

Steven's other brother is the famous author Howard Jacobson.

Max Jacobson, their dad was a founder member of MANTAX black cabs in Manchester. I eventually went to Manchester High school of Art and Music which was attended by Steven and his sister. On my first day I sported a shiny new blazer but had Stevens School badge sewn on the pocket! (still got it somewhere).

Grahame Rothwell

I was in the same year as Malcolm Wagner and Bernard Basso at Heys Boys Secondary Modern, Prestwich,and remember Bernard bringing his guitar to school one day which caused a great deal of interest. I remember seeing a programme on TV many years ago about the newly opended Trafford Centre, and Bernard's tailoring company made the first Trafford Centre staff uniforms. Malcolm of course was George Best's haidresser for many years.

Peter Waterhouse

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Topic: The Whirlwinds
Suzanne Hatton says...
Maurice was a fantastic drummer and passed away recently I fondly remember him singing Cuanto Calienta el Sol. RIP lovely man thank you for all the wonderful times watching you rehearse at the local youth club
12th March 2014 7:54pm
Bernard Basso says...
Just been reading some stories about emi brought back loads of memories .the Whirlwinds recorded there one and only record there in studio 2 same place as the Beatles .Th e record was a cover version of a buddy holly song called look at me .well I ... Read More
27th August 2016 8:19am

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